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Subscription Solution for a Large Scale Energy and Water Utility

June 8, 2009, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -


This large scale power and gas client needed to have instant access to a vast amount of market data in order to perform their daily ongoing analysis. Unable to raise the appropriate budget or to gain internal IT support for an enterprise level implementation, the client was struggling to obtain timely market data or to retrieve historical data without a great deal of effort.


ZE PowerGroup worked with the client to identify their daily data and analytical requirements. ZE then customized several data sets and incorporated new analytics specific to that client for use in ZE’s applications. The client also provided all their needed historical data which was then converted and imported for direct access via the tools. ZE then provided a subscription service for the client to remotely access both the required data as well as the analysis via internet through the ZE Market Analyzer.

End Result:

The client is able to affordably gain remote access to all their data needs from a single location. Data is timely and fully historical information is available to them. Given that the client did not have the internal IT resources or budget for a full blown internally supported enterprise system, ZE PowerGroup provided the client with the right solution for an affordable price.

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