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System Integration, Derived Pricing and Data Management for a Gas and Power Utility

June 8, 2009, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -


Seeking to centralize a wide variety of Power Pool, ISO and Exchange data, this Power and Gas client sought ZE PowerGroup for their data management and centralization abilities. The client further wanted centralization and access to their internal forward curves and a selection of subscription data. Some of this data was then to be used to integrate with their internal trade system. This client was also looking for additional functionality in the ZE Market Analyzer to meet the requirements of traders who wish to perform special analyses.


Even though they were seeking a great deal of information, ZE PowerGroup was able to install the application and provide 95% of the total functionality within the first week of project acceptance. ZE performed analytical customization to the application to make it more robust for the client this included; development of momentum indicators and customizability of several graph functions. ZE then automated the importing of the client’s internal forward curves directly into the same database for further analysis and extraction. Most recently this client has moved into Eastern Markets adding sources such as NYSIO and the IMO to their data sets.

End Result:

The client now has access to almost every ISO and Power Pool available in North America and has a wide variety of analyses and tools at their disposal. They have streamlined their information gathering and have integrated the market data with their trading and risk system. They continue to grow their data gathering requirements as their business expands to new regions.

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