ZE provides different levels of training and educational tools to its clients to help understand the software according to their particular business processes. ZE trainers help maintain the working knowledge of ZEMA across the organization for new and existing clients.


Make the most out of your data

Reduce your learning curve, accelerate your time to value while maximizing your investment.

Basic Training

All users receive basic training covering ZEMA’s primary functionality that will help them gain market insight, feed their internal processes, and create an analytical library to share within their corporation.

Advanced Training

Users who receive advanced training learn about more complex elements of ZEMA, including scenarios, curves, advanced formulas, advanced analytics, data series options, and more.

Technical Training

Technical training is provided for those who will support ZEMA internally in the context of a client-hosted deployment model. Technical training will teach users how to apply updates, monitor inbound data, assist their colleagues, and perform other system-related tasks.

Customized Training

ZE offers customized training to accommodate client-specific needs.


ZE’s regularly offers free ZEMA webinars as well as “ZEMA for industry” training.