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Date:May 12, 2021 7:00 am-8:00 am PT (10:00 am EDT) (2:00 pm GMT)
Webinar: Mitigating spot market risk for Latin America’s LNG buyers

Join ZE PowerGroup Inc. and ICIS for a joint webinar: Mitigating spot market risk for Latin America’s LNG buyers on May 12, 2021 at 7:00 am PDT.

In spite of the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent slowdown in global economic activity, spot LNG prices have shown huge volatility through recent months, hitting record high levels in January 2021. This trend is occurring just as Latin American countries such as Argentina and Brazil increase their buying activity, based on the need to meet growing demand or cover declining domestic production. At the same time, newer buyers such as Colombia and Panama have emerged in the region over recent years, only to be exposed to rapidly changing pricing landscape.

With the global demand picture increasingly clouded by pandemic lockdowns and the uncertain timeframes for recovery, what can regional buyers do to prepare and protect themselves against this volatility?

In this webinar ICIS and ZE PowerGroup will focus in on the fundamentals that buyers in the region need to consider as part of their risk management strategies, as well as the data and pricing information that can help them mitigate pricing risk.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • A breakdown of the supply and demand fundamentals LATAM LNG buyers should be aware of
  • Demand outlook for regional buyers
  • The pricing data that will help them mitigate market price volatility
  • How are the clearest and most accurate insights achieved in a data-driven world
  • Live Q & A

Our Speakers

Webinar: Mitigating spot market risk for Latin America’s LNG buyers

Dr. Tyler Robb-Smith,

Senior Product Specialist,
ZE PowerGroup Inc.

Dr. Tyler Robb-Smith is the Senior Product Specialist and Solutions Architect at ZE PowerGroup. He specializes in quantitative modelling and data structures, and has had a variety of tasks in his 5 years with ZE PowerGroup, including: Technical Presales, Account Management and Customer Success, Product testing and development, consulting and collateral generation. With experience in data analysis and modelling, Tyler uses this expertise to understand current and prospective client needs, and looks for opportunities to expand and enhance ZE’s offering, including utilization of predictive and iterative modelling via R integration, expansion of data and analytic capabilities, and BI support. As a speaker Tyler has presented data analytics and risk mitigation strategies for the Energy and Commodities industry sectors.

Tyler did his BSc and MSci in Theoretical Physics, and Ph.D in Nanohydrodynamics Applied Physics at the Queen Mary University of London

Webinar: Mitigating spot market risk for Latin America’s LNG buyers

James Fowler ,

Americas Energy Market Development Manager

James Fowler has led ICIS’ coverage of Latin American energy markets since 2012. He has over a decade’s worth of experience covering Latin American energy matters for a range of different publications, including Business News Americas and the Economist Intelligence Unit.

With ICIS James has focused on LNG and global gas markets, firstly a market reporter and then as the editor of the ICIS Mexico Energy Report, which remains the flagship English language report focused exclusively on Mexico’s natural gas and power markets. The role allowed him to be involved in the Mexican energy reforms since inception by covering the design of both the gas and power markets. Through the report, he was also able to publish the first OTC pricing indications for Mexico’s power market.

In his current role as Americas Energy Market Development Manager his focus is on supporting ICIS globalizing gas strategy within the Americas region, as well as developing strategies and products to expand the company’s coverage of the Americas energy sector.