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ZE and IDCO to Host Lunch and Learn in Houston, TX

January 29, 2015, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE), the developer of the award-winning enterprise data management system ZEMA, will co-host a Lunch and Learn event with Interactive Data Corporation (IDCO), a provider of financial information services, at 10:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. on February 19, 2015, at Willie G’s Seafood and Steaks in Houston, TX. At the event, ZE and IDCO will demonstrate the benefits of the integrated ZEMA-FutureSource solution, which enables clients to access ZEMA’s data collection and curve management tools within FutureSource terminals.

“With the ZEMA-FutureSource integration solution,” said Bruce Colquhoun, Manager of Business Development at ZE, “traders, brokers, and analysts gain access to some of the most sophisticated risk management tools available. Visualizing ZEMA’s powerful data collection engine and curve management tool within FutureSource’s highly customizable terminals empowers front-, middle-, and back-office personnel to quickly respond to rapid changes in markets and conditions.”

Waleed El-Ramly, Chief Product Officer at ZE, will be present at the event to demonstrate to attendees the advantages and functionalities of an integrated ZEMA-FutureSource solution.

Jim Ekstrand, Interactive Data’s Senior Product Manager, will also be assisting with the product demonstration at the event. “The benefits of this integration will be significant for ZEMA users,” said Jim. “Attendees of the Lunch and Learn will discover how the ZEMA-FutureSource solution saves organizations time and money by streamlining workflow processes.”

Register for the Lunch and Learn today. To watch a webinar on the integrated ZEMA-FutureSource solution, click here.

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