Who We Are

Providing Category One Solutions and Services

Our success is rooted in proven expertise spanning people, technology, and client services.


Founded in 1995 by Dr. Zak El-Ramly, President and CEO


ZE is privately held with zero debt and committed to sustainable growth


ZEMA™ is an award-winning comprehensive, scalable and battle-tested data integration and analytics platform. ZEMA is designed for collecting data, performing complex analysis, automating business processes, and integrating with third-party systems


ZE provides consulting, managed services, and training professional services that endeavor to help clients use their resources more efficiently, gain high ROI, and prepare them for future growth

ZE Family of Companies

The ZE family of companies is a group of interrelated organizations providing enterprise-level software solutions, consulting and support services, and design engineering for clients in many industries. The ZE family of companies includes:

ZE PowerGroup Inc.

ZE has Over 230 staff worldwide. We are global leaders in data integration and analytics.

ZE Corporation Inc.

ZE Corporation Inc. was created through its subsidiaries provides global, time-sensitive services for ZE and its international client base.

ZE UK Ltd.

A subsidiary of ZE Corporation Inc., serves European markets from its office in the Dock Hub, located in Brighton and Hove.

ZEMA Singapore PTE Ltd.

A subsidiary of ZE Corporation Inc., serves Asian markets from an office located on Market Street in downtown Singapore.

ZE Power Engineering Inc.

A leading engineering firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia, provides Energy and Telecommunications Engineering services.

Data. We Get it.


ZE developed ZEMA, a leading data management and analytics platform for ZE cloud hosted or Managed services solutions. ZEMA delivers aggregated data, analysis, process automation, and integration with downstream systems to help data-driven corporations simplify complex business practices while increasing shareholder value.

Focus on the customer


Our customers address data-driven business decisions that have an impact on the global economy. In business, our customers achieve world-class results and analytics for mitigating risk, optimizing operations, increase revenues and serving their customers better.