ZE Corporation Inc. was created in March 2010, and through its subsidiaries provides global, time-sensitive services for ZE and its international client base. With service operations based in the UK and Singapore, ZE Corporation Inc. ensures that clients licensed to use the ZEMA software are fully supported.

ZEMA is a sophisticated, end-to-end data analytics and integration platform designed for collecting data, performing complex analysis, managing curves, and integrating with downstream systems. ZEMA enables users to make informed decisions and easily share information across their organizations.

ZE Corporation Inc. facilitates and conducts local market activities, software implementations, consulting initiatives, and ongoing software maintenance.

ZE UK Ltd. (ZE UK) serves the European market from its office in the greater London suburb of Brighton. ZEMA has been widely adopted in Europe and is fully configured to meet the data, analytic, and systems integration requirements of companies across the continent. The UK office provides support for ZEMA’s continuously growing European client base.

ZEMA Singapore PTE Ltd. (ZEMA Singapore) serves regional markets from an office located in downtown Singapore. The Singapore office supports ZE’s growing client base in Asia and the Middle East.
Along with the North American office, ZE UK and ZEMA Singapore participate in supporting clients’ needs around the clock, every day.

ZE Power Engineering Inc. is a leading engineering firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company strives to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions through its extensive range of services in engineering and project management solutions.