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ZE Earns the Number 1 Spot in 2020 Energy Risk Software Ranking For the Widest Supply Of Data

ZE PowerGroup Earns the No.1 Spot in the EnergyRisk Software Rankings for Data Management Firms in 2020
April 2, 2020, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (“ZE”), a global leader in data integration and analytics, has earned the top spot in the 2020 Energy Risk Software Ranking for the Widest Supply of Data category. ZE has been fortunate in that it is consistently recognized in the Energy Risk Rankings for the strength of its data management ZEMATM software and the breadth of data available.

ZE took the number 1 position in the Widest Supply of Data category.

Currently, ZE is capable of deploying over 10,000 data reports sourced from over a thousand sources. The company’s data ecosystem and diversity of sources and types remain unmatched in energy and commodities. ZEMA can collect and integrate data from public, private, and in-house sources. ZE collaborates with leading organizations such as S&P Global Platts, Argus Media, ICIS Heren, Barchart, AccuWeather, and Fenics MD to help its clients maximize the value of data. ZE is always adding new data sources and developing several new parsers every week.

According to Chad Ellison, ZE’s Vice President of Research & Development, “ZE inserts 4.5 billion new market data records every month. We also capture 1.2 billion revisions to market data per month, ensuring that our customers can have access to up-to-date data. We achieve this feat by automating over 4,900 tasks associated with data collection, organization, and modification of the 1,000 plus data sources we collect.”

He also added that the company provides complete integration with downstream systems and covers a wide range of markets that include oil, gas, power, petrochemicals, agriculture, and metals, including derivative products. “The vast amount of data that we gather daily is astounding,” he stated.

Ellison also noted the responsibility that comes with managing such a large amount of data. “The information that is sourced through ZE ties directly into the critical front, mid and back-office business frameworks. Even a minor error in our data reports and sources can go onto have repercussions across trade and risk management. That’s why we place a great deal of emphasis on maintaining the best data quality management and ensuring that all data gathered is verified for accuracy and precision,” he said.

The company also received the top ranking for all the other 7 other data management categories in the 2020 Energy Risk Software Rankings. These included Data Management Firms, Best Pricing and Curves, Best Analytic Tools, Best Customer Service, Easy of Using Systems, Most Preferred Data Management System, and Best at Integrating with Other Systems and Platforms.

The Energy Risk Software Rankings, which have been running for 15 years, provides insight into the technology choices being made by energy firms and traders. An annual survey is conducted where respondents are asked to vote for their preferred software vendor, data provider and implementation specialist in a variety of categories based on various criteria.

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