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ZE Expands Reach in Energy Trading Risk Management through Partnership with Ignite

ZE Expands Reach in Energy Trading Risk Management through Partnership with Ignite
May 31, 2023, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE), the developer of ZEMA, the award-winning enterprise data management software solution for energy and commodities markets, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Ignite ETRM (formerly CarbonTrade).

Ignite ETRM specializes in energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software and services for small- to mid-sized oil and gas marketing businesses. For clients with smaller profiles, it is challenging to manage multiple data sources with data arriving at different times and in different formats. The integration of Ignite ETRM with ZEMA solves these challenges. ZEMA collects and stores data from more than 4,000 market data reports from over 1400 unique data providers, while ensuring the consistency and timely delivery of diverse data sources. ZEMA combines an extensive data catalog, robust analytical tools, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with third-party downstream systems. It enables the automatic capture of data in real time and offers a simple and transparent curve development process.

The ZE-Ignite ETRM partnership simplifies the process of providing clients with the market data they need, with no fuss, at the highest efficiency and at the lowest cost. The partnership leverages ZEMA’s Curve Manager application, which augments ZEMA’s abilities to collect, validate, analyze, and integrate market data by interfacing with third-party applications like Ignite ETRM, ensuring instant data availability. Curve Manager, ZEMA’s automated workflow engine, handles market data information from all exchanges, price reporting agencies, and brokers covering spot, future, forward, and option prices. Curve Manager also contains the business logic required to map contract expirations, delivery periods, holiday calendars, currencies, and units for each data set collected. Ultimately, the ZEMA solution ensures that clients’ trading models are populated with up-to-the-minute validated prices, thus mitigating operational risk.

For ZE, the new relationship with Ignite ETRM ensures that ZEMA will be available not only to the large trading firms but also to the smaller physical traders and commodity trading houses. Speaking about the collaboration, Han de Loos, Sales Director at ZE, said, “We are extremely happy to partner with Ignite ETRM, as this will open up an entire new market and client base for ZE and our award-winning ZEMA solution.”

George Bradshaw, Chief Commercial Officer and Managing Director at Ignite ETRM, said, “The Ignite ETRM and ZEMA integration was a no-brainer. ZE is one of the leaders in enterprise data management and is globally renowned for delivering comprehensive business process automation solutions to a wide range of industries and markets. Our clients will benefit from ZEMA’s ability to automate the capturing, validating, and unifying of their market data from across the energy and commodities markets. The partnership will benefit our clients greatly by supporting their data requirements globally.”

For more information about Ignite ETRM and the company’s services, see www.ignite-etrm.com. For further information about partnering with ZE, visit www.ze.com/partners. To learn more about the ZEMA solution, visit www.ze.com/the-zema-solution/.

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