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ZE Extends Integration Offering Through Partnership with ComFin

October 29, 2014, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE), the leading provider of enterprise data management solutions for energy and commodities markets, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with ComFin Software (ComFin), a specialist provider of oil trading and risk management applications, to broaden the range and depth of integration outlets available to both companies’ clients.

By combining ZEMA, ZE’s data management solution, with ComFin’s CTRM systems, TheBulldog and Comcore, users will gain access to large quantities of accurate, real-time market data, extensive reporting and analysis capabilities, and curve management tools, all of which are necessary for making informed business decisions and improving trading performance.

Manal El-Ramly, Director of Global Markets at ZE, said, “The effectiveness of an E/CTRM system depends upon the correctness and timeliness of available information. ZE is excited to combine its expertise in data aggregation and curve management with ComFin’s innovative trade and risk solutions. This partnership helps fulfill ZE’s goal of providing superior products and continuously bringing value to its clients.”

Gerald Neher, Managing Director at ComFin, said, “The synergy between ZEMA and TheBulldog is now a reality, and clients worldwide can take advantage of an integrated interface that effectively eliminates the need for any ”in-between” platforms to extract market data. For one mutual client with a head office in Geneva, consolidating these two products has meant the removal of multiple cumbersome systems for capturing and validating market data from across the oil and petroleum industry. This solution has given the organization a centralized, fully auditable forward curve management environment.”

For more information on partnering with ZE, visit the company’s partners page.

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