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ZE Extends Reach in Petrochemical Industry through Partnership with PetroChem Wire

March 18, 2015, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE), the developer of ZEMA, the award-winning enterprise data management software solution for energy and commodities markets, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with PetroChem Wire (PCW), a service that reports on more than 400 daily market prices for the petrochemical industry. PCW is the only service to offer forward curves for US ethylene, polymer grade propylene, polyethylene, and polypropylene. PCW has been selected by the CME Group/NYMEX as the benchmark for the Clearport ethylene, propylene, PE, and PP futures contracts. For ZE, the new relationship with PCW ensures that ZEMA users will have ready access to an expansive array of information from the NGL, olefin, and polymer markets. This partnership is meant to provide a valuable increase in data coverage to current and future ZEMA users.

Speaking about the collaboration, Bruce Colquhoun, Manager of Business Development at ZE, said, “ZEMA’s strength lies in its ability to automatically schedule, import, and centralize thousands of data sources from across the globe and apply simple or complex analyses that can be graphed and charted to help spot trends and make predictions. We strive to expand the breadth of quality data available to our clients and are excited to have PetroChem Wire on board.”

ZEMA combines an extensive data catalog, robust analytical tools, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with third-party downstream systems. It enables the automatic capture of data in real-time and offers a simple and transparent curve development process. Users have the ability to share information across the organization, as ZE supports any distribution service that allows for the exchange of information.

Kathy Hall, Executive Editor at PCW, said, “Our partnership reflects the need in the marketplace for consistently accurate and timely delivery of price information to market participants and market observers, and analysts alike. PetroChem Wire takes pride in its reputation for providing accurate market price information, and a partnership with ZE assures high-quality delivery to the end user.”

Founded in 2007, PCW reports on price information for natural gas liquids, monomers, and polymers and includes confirmed transactions, monthly weighted averages, and plant outage information. Other PCW products carry price data for PVC, recycled plastics, and refinery blendstocks.

For further information on partnering with ZE, visit the company’s partnerships page. For more information about PCW’s group of publications and services, see www.petrochemwire.com.

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