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ZE Grants Software to UNC Charlotte’s Energy Production and Infrastructure Center

March 26, 2014, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE), a leader in enterprise data management and analysis software, announced today that it has given complimentary access to ZEMA, its award-winning software, to the University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNC Charlotte). ZEMA will be used in several energy-focused classes held in the Energy Analytics Research (EAR) lab, a new addition to the university’s Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC). ZE has donated access to ZEMA because it is committed to supporting research and development in the area of energy market analytics.

“ZE understands the importance of academia and research, and we wanted to supply engineers and analysts with tools that will equip them to meet the demands of the highly dynamic and challenging energy industry,” said Manal El-Ramly, Director of Global Markets at ZE. “This is an exciting opportunity for ZE to work with the world-class EPIC in order to establish the EAR lab. ZE is dedicated to supporting the EAR lab. We hope that we will have a positive impact on the faculty and the students as they continue their ongoing research in this field.”

An estimated 45 user licenses will be granted to the EAR lab. These licenses will enable instructors and students to use ZEMA for energy data analytics and forecasting. ZEMA will provide users with the ability to visualize, analyze, and integrate a large amount of energy-related data. In addition to ZEMA access, ZE also plans to donate its time and resources to UNC Charlotte by providing ongoing, in-depth training sessions to the professors at EPIC. By doing so, ZE will ensure that UNC Charlotte’s professors will be well equipped to help their students use ZEMA proficiently.

“We are extremely grateful for this generous donation from ZE,” said Dr. Johan Enslin, EPIC Director and Duke Energy Distinguished Chair at UNC Charlotte. “Their support helps forge greater academic links between the university and the energy industry and makes it possible for students and researchers to deepen their understanding of energy market analytics.”

The EPIC EAR lab is directed by EPIC Assistant Professor Dr. Tao Hong, an internationally recognized expert in energy forecasting, who has worked diligently with Manal El-Ramly and the ZE team to bring ZE and UNC Charlotte together. “It is an honor to receive the support of such an important industry partner who recognizes the significance of our work here at EPIC,” said Dr. Tao Hong. “Having access to ZEMA’s data aggregation and analysis functionalities enables the EAR lab’s continued contribution to the educational and research fields of energy market analytics.”

ZE continues to be a strong supporter of research within the education sector. ZE’s donation to UNC Charlotte is valued at a market price of over $250,000 USD per annum.

For further information on how ZEMA can enhance your organization’s analytic and business processes, contact Manal El-Ramly, ZE’s Director of Global Markets, via phone at 919-386-2332.

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