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ZE Inducted as Lifetime Member to WSU President’s Club for ZEMA Donation

ZE Inducted as Lifetime Member to WSU President’s Club for ZEMA Donation
October 8, 2015, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE), the makers of the ZEMA data management software solution, is honored to announce that ZE has been inducted as a Lifetime Member of Wichita State University’s President’s Club, which honors donors exceeding $100,000 in contributions to the university. This commendation specifically recognizes ZE’s recent donation of ZEMA software user licenses to WSU students.

This follows ZE’s announcement in February 2015 that it would be granting complimentary use of ZEMA data management software to students of WSU’s new simulated trading facility, the Koch Global Trading Center. Now, WSU students are able to use ZEMA to access an extensive market data library, perform sophisticated analyses, and ultimately gain hands-on experience in financial and commodity trading and analysis.

To recognize the generosity of WSU’s major donors, the President’s Club Celebration was held on Tuesday, October 6, 2015. At the ceremony, ZE’s lifetime membership award was received by Olga Gorstenko, ZE’s Marketing and Communications Director. “I am extremely delighted to be receiving this prestigious commendation on behalf of ZE,” said Olga. “But more than the recognition itself, it is deeply rewarding to know that ZEMA will be helping WSU students gain a professional advantage in the workplace.”

“ZE has always championed education and employment programs. By continuously contributing to academia and research, we strive to help our future workforce with developing skills and equipping them with tools, which will be key differentiators for entering highly competitive market places,” commented Aiman El-Ramly, ZE’s Chief Strategy Officer. “We are most happy to learn that ZE’s contribution of ZEMA, the leading data management software, to WSU is receiving such prestigious recognition.”

To learn more about the ZEMA data management software solution, visit ZE’s website or book a free ZEMA demo.

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