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ZE is a Speaker and Sponsor at the NAEMA Conference

August 9, 2012, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

August 9, 2012 – Richmond, B.C. – ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) is pleased to announce that it is a sponsor and will have a speaker at the NAEMA Fall Conference in Duluth, Minnesota, held August 28 to 30, 2012. The conference is attended by major players in the North American energy market and is an excellent opportunity for networking and knowledge-sharing of the latest industry developments.
During the three day event, experts will present an analysis of the rapidly evolving energy industry. On day two there will be an informative presentation, Global Influence of US Energy Markets, from Aiman El-Ramly, Chief Strategy Officer for ZE. As well, discussions will focus on the challenges that affect energy markets, including those posed by new regulations and regional transmission expansion plans, and the solutions available for meeting those challenges.
ZE’s enterprise data management suite, ZEMA, is a solution to existing and emerging industry challenges. In response to the significant impact the Dodd-Frank Act is having in the energy market, ZE has developed a ZEMA Dodd-Frank Solution that will meet the data retention and reporting requirements mandated under the Act. And, as data providers expand and alter the energy landscape, any new associated data reports can easily be added to the thousands of existing data sources already available in ZEMA Data Manager for real-time data extraction and crucial decision making.
Aiman will be available to discuss ZEMA in more detail during the event. To see the entire conference agenda, go to NAEMA Conference.

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