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ZE Launches Curve Portal

July 31, 2013, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) today announced the launch of Curve Portal, the latest addition to be released under the comprehensive data management solution ZEMA 4.

A sub-product of the powerful Curve Manager workflow engine, Curve Portal is a data entry tool that allows users to enter and upload their daily marks through Microsoft Excel. Curve Portal is designed to streamline and automate daily processes that are commonly performed manually and require security and control.

With Curve Portal, users can view curve histories, compare curves day over day, enter current day values, copy previous day values, and make other adjustments on the data. The application is permission-based giving each user access to only those curves that they are responsible for.

Once the data is uploaded from Curve Portal they can be used by Curve Manager and the rest of the ZEMA Suite applications. Curve Manager will automatically take the uploaded curves and validate them, use them as inputs to other curves and send the results to downstream target systems.

Waleed El-Ramly, Chief Product Officer at ZE, said: “Curve Portal provides users with the control they need around their curve management processes. Our clients are already used to entering their internal marks into Microsoft Excel, so this was a natural platform for them. What we have done is added flexibility, security, transparency and the full integration with Curve Manager, which significantly simplifies the automation of the end of day process.”

To learn more about ZEMA Curve Portal, watch video,read the brochure or book a demo.

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