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ZE Launches the ZEMA User Community: An Interactive Platform for Clients

ZE Launches the ZEMA User Community: An Interactive Platform for Clients
November 18, 2020, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE), the developer of ZEMA™, has released a redesigned interactive platform for its clients. Known as the ZEMA User Community (or just the Community), the platform consolidates a wide range of ZEMA training materials, resources, and support systems designed to enhance customer experiences and deliver greater value. The Community is highly interactive and engaging, allowing ZEMA users to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the industry while also enabling access to a growing resource library and data ecosystem.

ZEMA is an award-winning enterprise data management and analytics platform that caters to the Energy, Agriculture, Commodities, and other data-driven industries. With the launch of the ZEMA User Community, ZE plans to enable a single point-of-access to ZEMA literature and other supporting materials that draw the interest of the thousands of ZEMA users. The Community also provides a one-stop source for all updates pertaining ZE events. A robust interface ensures the platform is fully equipped for managing and troubleshooting issues faced by ZEMA users. The ZEMA data shopping cart feature allows users to place instant requests for data reports and data sources.

The Community streamlines communication between ZE and its clients; the easy feedback cycle plays a critical role in enhancing ZE’s understanding of user needs and requirements and allows the ZE product teams to effectively enhance existing and vision new products to align with client current and future needs.

There are a host of features available on the platform that contributes to a value-based experience for ZEMA users. Some of the highlights of using the Community include:

  • Receive up-to-date information on ZEMA and ZE product releases
  • Take advantage of ZEMA product training resources
  • View exclusive training videos
  • View ZEMA tips and tricks videos
  • Access a complete library of the ZE Data Ecosystem
  • Access information on upcoming ZE Events
  • Request data feeds on 11,000 reports from more than 1,000 data sources
  • Participate in the new ZEMA certification program
  • Receive updates on the latest happenings at ZE PowerGroup and the industry
  • Learn about products and services provided by ZE’s partners and their association with ZEMA

Upon the launch of the new platform, ZE’s President and CEO, Dr. Zak El-Ramly, commented, “ZE is committed to enhancing our clients’ operations all over the world through a wide variety of avenues. We are constantly improving on the value and efficient delivery of our service offerings. The Community is one of the many ways in which ZE continues to provide the best support and services to our clients.

Aiman El-Ramly, Chief Business Officer at ZE further added, “ZE’s global support and wide-ranging services have played an integral role in establishing a strong relationship with our clients and partners. The Community is a manifestation of ZE’s core values. ZE cares and we share openly with our friends. The Community not only preserves the ZEMA support features that people are familiar with but adds a whole new range of exciting training and educational materials. The platform avails a single point of access for all product information helping ZEMA users to extend and enhance their use of our best of breed and fully comprehensive data management platform.”

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