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ZE Launches the ZEMA User Community: An Interactive Platform for Clients

April 6, 2015, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE), the developer of ZEMA, an award-winning enterprise data management solution for energy and commodities industries, has released a new interactive platform for its clients: the ZEMA User Community (the Community). The Community consolidates a wide range of ZEMA training materials and support systems to enhance clients’ overall product experiences.

With the Community, users have a single point of access to ZEMA literature and support material, are able to connect with other colleagues to discuss best practices, receive timely information on current ZE events, and are better equipped to troubleshoot ZEMA issues. The site streamlines communication between ZE and its clients, enhancing the rapidity and effectiveness with which ZE can develop new product updates to meet users’ needs. Through the Community, users can also access training resources, discussion forums, recent product releases, and a complete library of ZEMA data and can even request new data reports.

ZE’s CEO and President, Dr. Zak El-Ramly, commented, “ZE is committed to assisting its clients through a wide variety of avenues and is constantly improving the efficiency of its service offerings. The Community is one of the many ways in which ZE continues to satisfy the needs of its clients.”

Olga Gorstenko, ZE’s Director of Marketing and Communications, said, “An integral part of ZE’s strong relationship with its clients is its global-wide support. The Community not only preserves the ZEMA support features people are familiar with, but adds a range of new training and educational materials. The site, a single point of access for all product information, helps individuals extend and enhance their use of ZEMA.”

To preview the ZEMA User Community, visit http://www.ze.com/the-zema-user-community/. If you are currently a ZEMA user, you can access the site at http://community.ze.com/. For more information on the ZEMA software solution, visit http://www.ze.com/the-zema-solution/.

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