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ZE Launches ZEMA Curve Manager 4

June 12, 2013, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) today announced the launch of Curve Manager 4, the latest product to be added to the recent release of ZEMA 4, the comprehensive data management solution for energy and commodities markets.

Curve Manager 4 is an automated workflow engine that allows users to create simple or complex raw and derivative curves using a large library of purpose built formulas and functions to blend, extrapolate, interpolate, prioritize and manage curve logic. Curves that are generated are stored centrally in the ZEMA curve library and are integrated seamlessly with third-party downstream systems including E/CTRM, ERP and BI tools. Curve Manager takes complex processes normally built out of fragile spreadsheet systems and simplifies them through a logical, secure, transparent and consistent workflow.

With the release of Curve Manager 4, ZE also introduces ‘Curve Portal’ a new feature that adds even greater flexibility to the curve management process by enabling users to work with curves within Microsoft Excel. Curve Portal provides users with the ability to upload their daily marks and allows users to generate new values, copy previous days results or simply make minor adjustments.

Waleed El-Ramly, Chief Product Officer at ZE, said: “We are often surprised by the number of companies ZE meets who say they are continuing to struggle with manual and inefficient intra-day and end-of-day processes. We have developed Curve Manager 4 with the goal of enhancing the user experience; making it easier for our client to manage their forward curves. I can say with confidence that Curve Manager 4 is critical for any corporation engaged in trade and risk activities.”

Last month ZE was named the 2013 Energy Risk ‘Data Management House of the Year’ for the fifth consecutive year for its ZEMA software platform. Earlier in the year, ZEMA was ranked #1 for “Preferred Data Management System”, #1 for “Ease of Use” and #2 for “Best Customer Service” in the Energy Risk Software Rankings by customers.

To learn more about Curve Manager, click here.

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