ZE PowerGroup Adapt2 Provide an Integrated Custom ISO Scheduling and Settlement System for ERCOT Nodal Market Transactions

November 17, 2010, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

Richmond, BC, November 17, 2010 – ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) announced today its collaborative development with Adapt2 Solutions, Inc. to create an integrated scheduling and settlement support system for clients preparing for the ERCOT Nodal transition. The engagement is designed to combine Adapt2’s deep market knowledge and software development capabilities with ZE’s expertise in market data collection and integration.
ZEMA’s scheduling engine, the Data Manager, is being used as the middleware component to Adapt2’s ISO Scheduling and Settlement framework. The overall system is initially targeted for the upcoming ERCOT nodal market launch but is readily applied to any ISO market.

ZEMA provides a scheduling interface for Adapt2 to send and receive Market Transactions amongst other datasets within the ERCOT Nodal framework. Data capture and posting includes:

  • Energy Trades – Bilateral
  • Ancillary Services
  • Congestion Revenue Rights Offers
  • Capacity Trades
  • DAM (Day Ahead Market) and RTM Energy Bids – Awards
  • RUCs – Charge Management
  • Month to Date Settlement Reporting – Daily Drill Down

The overall service complies with the secure communication protocol developed by ERCOT and allows for confirmation of each transaction within the clients existing ETRM.

Waleed El-Ramly, COO Product Development at ZE PowerGroup states, “This collaboration makes sense for both of us. We are familiar with Adapt2 and have worked together on other accounts. They understand the nodal market requirements from both a systems and client standpoint. Using ZEMA we provide them the tools that they can leverage to post and return transactions and settlements data back to their solution. We facilitate trade activities and the overall settlements calculations.” Francisco Diaz, President of Adapt2, adds, “ZE is a dominant market player when it comes to data acquisition and enterprise solutions, they know how to handle information of any type. The client benefits with best of both worlds through a robust and also cost effective solution created by two strong software providers.”
ZE and Adapt2 have already introduced the new system to the market and are currently in the testing phase of implementation by their collective clients. For detailed information on services relating to the management of ERCOT’s Nodal transition, contact a ZEMA representative today.
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