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ZE PowerGroup adds MISO data to its ZE Energy Tools Data Management Suite

April 6, 2005, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

April 06, 2005 – Richmond, B.C. − With the recent public launch of the Midwest ISO’s Day Ahead and Real Time pricing reports, ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) has incorporated the new data feeds into its ZE Data Manager application. The reporting by MISO of the Locational Marginal Pricing allows for greater price transparency to the buyers and sellers of wholesale electricity in its region and benefits the energy market as a whole. MISO prices are posted for four major trading hubs including; MISO-Cinergy, MISO-Illinois, MISO-Michigan and MISO-Minnesota. Prices are also posted at the interface, gennode and loadzone level. MISO now joins a host of open and transparent electricity markets.
The inclusion of the MISO data adds to ZE PowerGroup’s collection of ISO, Exchange and Power Pool feeds including; CAISO (California ISO), ISO NE, NY ISO, AESO (Alberta), IESO (Ontario), PJM, ERCOT (Texas), NYMEX and NGX. Other types of data captured: indices, broker quotes, weather, hydrology, transmission, storage and financial information. The ZE Data Manager is a fully automated scheduling and data importing tool that allows corporations to manage, organize and centralize their subscription, proprietary and publicly available data. ZE Data Manager imports the varied forms of market data into its open architecture data warehouse which is primed for data extraction and analysis using the ZE Market Analyzer or other database and analytical tools.
The ZE Data Management suite is designed to help clients manage the large volumes of energy and related data available in the marketplace. Ready access to data is critical for front, middle or back office support to corporate trade, settlements, risk, asset valuation, financial analysis and forward curves development. The database generated by the system provides integration, centralization and management of current and historical market data.
Providing rapid access to the MISO data provides another level of support and value for ZE PowerGroup clients. The availability of Real Time and Day Ahead data provides key advantages for any organization.

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ZE PowerGroup is a Richmond, BC-based energy consulting firm and the developer of ZE EnergyTools, an integrated suite of energy trade and data management software applications. The ZE EnergyTools suite delivers a broad range of analytics, data acquisition, trading, and risk management capabilities that enable dynamic operation in uncertain and volatile markets.


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