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ZE PowerGroup Announces the Opening of Two Data Centers in Europe

ZE PowerGroup Announces the Opening of Two Data Centers in Europe
September 22, 2020, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) has announced the launch of two more state-of-the-art data centers in Europe to enhance the global ZE Cloud footprint. The European data centers are in addition to the two Canadian ZE Cloud data centers already established in Burnaby, British Columbia and Montreal, Quebec. The data centers will deliver high availability technology to serve the entire data ETL life cycle including collection, validation, Analysis, transformation. Automation and integration of client specific workflows.

Focusing on Helping to Simplify and Automate Data Integration Infrastructure using State-of-the-Art Technology

I’m very excited about having our ZE Cloud platform, in our new data centers in Frankfurt and Amsterdam. The new European data centers will lift ZE’s capabilities to serve our customers in Europe and elsewhere respecting GDPR and other requirements for data sovereignty. We will deliver the highest quality of service,” said Thorsten Gutsche, Vice-President, Operations, ZE PowerGroup Inc. The ZE Cloud is our purpose-built private cloud infrastructure that incorporates all the required hardware and prerequisite software licenses to optimally run ZEMA and execute associated business workflows dynamically,” continued Gutsche.

With ZE Cloud, clients gain access to the ZEMA Data Ecosystem. ZEMA connects to over a thousand data providers, enabling the timely execution of millions of market curves and analytics reports a day. ZEMA fully embeds critical client IP into a process that is automated and persevering.
ZE has also ensured the use of state-of-the-art technology and hyper converged technology that is focused on simplifying and automating IT infrastructure, and transformation of operations by bringing together computing, storage, networking, and data protection into fully-engineered systems and Real Application Cluster(RAC) Technology.
The data centers play a crucial role in helping to manage the ZE global infrastructure and its associated data management and integration services. This is a huge step as the IT industry continues the practice of moving away from in-house only hardware and software. The end result is dedicated environments focused on enabling the rapid deployment of business services and workloads to the right locations.

ZE’s Data Protection Services, ensures business’s critical data and workloads are quickly and easily recoverable, no matter how unexpected the disruption. ZE Cloud will improve operation efficiency, lower costs and free up customer’s IT professionals to focus on other mission critical projects by eliminating capital expenditures in favour of a more affordable and predictable cloud solution.

We work with some of the largest European and global enterprises, helping to drive their digital transformation and data integration initiatives. Our goal is to deliver exceptional and high quality of service to all our customers around the globe,” said Nader El-Ramly, Chief Product Officer, ZE PowerGroup. “At ZE, we continually invest in expanding our ZEMA technology and ZE Cloud infrastructure to make it possible to meet our customer’s data needs wherever they are located.

The availability of high quality equipment ensures that data backups are available to help in the case of data loss, corruption or storage failures. Each data center is identical providing a huge degree of efficiency and resiliency.

For maintenance purposes, ZE can leverage the significant amount of availability to minimize service interruptions. All data is real-time synchronized between the data centers.

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