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ZE PowerGroup Appoints Simon Jackson as Head of ZE UK Operations

ZE PowerGroup Appoints Simon Jackson as Head of ZE UK Operations
October 29, 2020, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) is pleased to announce the addition of Simon Jackson as ZE UK Director EU Business Operations. ZE UK is part of the ZE family of companies that support the ZEMA™ platform globally, 24/7. The family of companies include ZE PowerGroup, ZE Corporation, ZEMA Singapore and ZE UK. ZE UK serves the needs of energy and commodity market participants in Europe and the wider EMEA region, ensuring the ZE product suite fulfills client enterprise data management and trade and risk business automation needs.

ZE continues to expand its global presence and looks forward to the expertise Simon brings to ZE’s outstanding technical teams. ZE prides itself on the capability and commitment of its people. Simon has extensive experience leading teams in the development and deployment of enterprise data management solutions and understands the needs of ZE’s core market. Simon has been directly involved in the data and software industry and specifically in the realm of data management systems for 25 years. He is well respected in the EMEA market having built a reputation for being a client advocate, capable, and highly technical while able to see the big picture from a management perspective.

Simon’s onboarding coincides with the establishment of state of the art ZE European data centres in Germany and The Netherlands and the launch of ZEMA 5. The new data centres, like the hiring of Simon and other key additions in ZE UK, reflect ZE’s desire to provide the best possible service and solutions to companies operating in Europe and EMEA. ZE is cognizant of the ever increasing need for data security and enhanced privacy as markets and regulations evolve. ZEMA 5 takes the ZEMA experience to another level with a software platform that is the benchmark for what a mission critical data system must encompass. ZE boasts the largest data catalog, broadest integration capability and the most advanced set of analytic and curve management functionalities.

Simon and the ZE UK team are well positioned to help clients specify, structure and implement ZEMA as part of the overall enterprise trade, risk and operational systems landscape. ZE looks forward to the positive contribution Simon will bring to ZE overall and are pleased at the level of excitement his hiring has generated with EU clients and prospects.

Simon is the latest in a series of recent senior personnel hires, each of whom brings substantial experience in the enterprise data management (EDM) space as well as significant hands on knowledge of energy and commodity market business practices. Notably, Stephen Appleyard joined ZE UK as a Sales Director. Stephen is well connected in the market with established relationships within global energy and commodity trade and risk as well as within ZE’s extensive partner network of data vendors, integrators, and software system providers. Martin Barrow takes on the role of a Senior Client Services Analyst within the ZE Business Solutions team. Martin brings proven capability in supporting clients in their on-going data needs and a focus on helping to ensure that mission critical processes are maintained and enhanced on behalf of clients. Those familiar with ZE will already know Oliver Humphreys and be aware of his abilities in ensuring ZE clients get the most out of their ZE solution. Oliver is promoted to Senior Manager Business Solutions and holds a pivotal role in the ZE UK management team.

ZE is fortunate that the success and market recognition it has earned has allowed it to attract and retain the best resources from the market. ZE is built on the efforts of its employees and for that the company is always grateful. ZE rewards performance and embraces the commitments it makes to its staff and its clients. Welcome Stephen, Martin and Simon and congratulations Oliver … you are part of the best team.

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