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ZE PowerGroup Earns the No.1 Spot in the EnergyRisk Software Rankings for Data Management Firms in 2020

ZE PowerGroup Earns the No.1 Spot in the EnergyRisk Software Rankings for Data Management Firms in 2020
March 31, 2020, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

As a global leader in providing data automation and analytics technology, ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) has a reputation for providing world-class technology and services. In 2019, ZE earned the number one spot in all 8 categories in the EnergyRisk Software Rankings for Data Management Firms. In 2020, the company again won the number one spot in all 8 categories.

ZE PowerGroup Earns the No. 1 Ranking in all eight categories for the Second Year in a Row, including Preferred Data Management System

ZE earned the top ranks for the following categories (sorted alphabetically):

1. Best analytics tools (charting, dashboards, etc.)

2. Best at integrating with other systems and platforms

3. Best Customer Service

4. Best Pricing and Curves

5. Data Management Firms

6. Ease of Using System

7. Preferred Data Management System

8. Widest Supply of Data

The value of ZE’s services is evident in the way the company is able to offer market participants globally with expansive data management solutions that apply the highest standard in computing and cloud technology. The end result is that clients that choose ZEMA™ for their enterprise data management platform enjoy an expansive data-centric, solution that automates critical bus processes and integrate seamlessly with downstream systems.

We provide complete integration with downstream systems covering a wide range of markets – oil, gas, power, renewables, chemicals agriculture, softs, metals, and more. The vast amount of data and client business functions that we touch day-to-day is astounding,” explained Aiman El-Ramly, Chief Business Officer at ZE.

He further said, “Since our information ties directly into front, mid and back-office decision frameworks, we know how vital ZEMA is to enhanced business operation. We take our role as important business partners seriously.

The Energy Risk Software Rankings, which have been running for 15 years, provides insight into the technology choices being made by energy firms and traders. In the annual survey, respondents are asked to vote for their preferred software vendor, data provider and implementation specialist in a variety of categories and against various criteria. ZE is thrilled that the market sees the company as an integral part of industry fabric.

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