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ZE PowerGroup Expands ZEMA Research and Development

April 16, 2008, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

Vancouver, BC, April 16, 2008 − ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) proudly announces that it’s received full accreditation, for the seventh successive year, of its R&D efforts from the Canada Revenue Agency Scientific Research and Experimental Development Program (SR&ED). ZE PowerGroup’s R&D efforts are focused on development of the flagship data management and analysis software, ZEMA, and supporting analytical and market research. SR&ED is the largest single source of federal government support encouraging innovation in Canadian business.
It is engrained in ZE PowerGroup’s business philosophy to continuously invest in R&D so that ZEMA remains technologically superior and continues to serve its clients effectively and efficiently. Government financial contribution through sector programs has allowed ZE PowerGroup to develop innovative technological advances, while remaining wholly self-financed and privately held.
The return on research activities to date has been of real benefit for ZE PowerGroup and its clients, as demonstrated by the huge success in launching ZEMA V.3 and its adoption by major organizations throughout the US and Canada. Seeing tremendous support for and outcomes from, research activities for past seven years, ZE PowerGroup plans to continue with R&D investment, to expand ZEMA’s efficiency, functionality and scope.
Dr. Zak El-Ramly, CEO and President of ZE PowerGroup, excitedly shares his insight into the future: “ZEMA research projects have been quite successful and are now well-established. Our commitment to continue expanding R&D activities is in very much in line with our goals of ensuring that ZEMA becomes the industry’s main technological platform and the standard for data management and analysis. For this reason, we maintain a strong connection with government supported R&D programs”.

About ZE PowerGroup Inc.

ZE PowerGroup (www.ze.com) is a Vancouver, BC based software and strategic consulting firm that combines industry expertise with advanced software development capability. The company’s software products are designed by energy industry experts to meet the specific challenges faced by energy industry participants.

About ZEMA

ZEMA provides a fully automated data management and analysis solution for the energy industry. By aggregating the full breadth of market data using advanced scheduling and importing routines, ZEMA enables clients to localize market data in a timely fashion, providing rapid data access, analytics and charting capabilities through a web based interface. ZEMA’s integration capabilities also provide seamless access to client downstream systems.

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