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ZE PowerGroup is pleased to announce Revenue.AI as a Certified ZEMA Partner

ZE PowerGroup is pleased to announce Revenue.AI as a Certified ZEMA Partner
November 14, 2023, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup (ZE), a global leader in end-to-end data management and analytics technology, is pleased to announce a technology partnership with Revenue.AI (RAI) – a pioneer provider of AI-powered pricing solutions. The partnership will boost the strategic services that both companies provide to their customers, resulting in accelerated digital and AI transformation journeys. As a ZEMA Certified Partner, Revenue AI will be able to help our clients with broad technology adoption and optimize organization wide value as they support implementation of business unit and enterprise specific use-cases.

Revenue.AI is committed to expediting business transformation and enhancing productivity by leveraging its expertise in data, structured frameworks, and AI-driven solutions, allowing organizations to implement highly successful business strategies through precise data engineering.

István Czilik CEO at Revenue.AI, states, “We believe that merging the very diverse skillsets and offerings of our companies will drive a strong change in the way data is being consumed and leveraged in the market today and in the future. Our combined knowledge will bring even greater and faster scalability to organizations in the way traders, risk managers and analysts go about their daily business lives.

Mirroring the comments of István, Aiman El-Ramly Chief Business Officer of ZE emphasizes “I am excited at the dynamic capabilities ZE and Revenue.AI can offer our clients together. I see us being able to supercharge the business transformation and market penetration objectives of companies operating in complex energy and commodity markets.

ZE and Revenue.AI look forward to a productive partnership where their customer-led approach can add measurable customer value.

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