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ZE PowerGroup Launches Spaces, a new component of the award-winning ZEMA™ Platform, For Enhanced Data Organization and Access Control

ZE PowerGroup Launches Spaces, a new component of the award-winning ZEMA™ Platform, For Enhanced Data Organization and Access Control
April 3, 2023, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE has announced a new software component designed to help businesses meaningfully organize their ZEMA content, and enhance the user experience.

ZEMA data integration and analytics platform now has “Spaces,” empowering ZEMA users to organize and access their content in a smarter way.

Spaces are containers, like folders, to organize your ZEMA data objects. Spaces allow users of ZEMA to organize content into meaningful collections, and to easily control access to those objects. Users can publish their Profiles (Analytics, Datasheets, Templates and Linked Analytics) to Spaces and organize them based on common groupings such as desks, teams, or commodities etc. Space permissions can be easily administered to ensure that only the appropriate users have access to this group of objects.

New Capabilities for ZEMA Data Integration and Analytics Platform

With the new component, Profiles can be owned by, and located in a Space, making them easy to find and easy to secure. Included in the latest version of ZEMA is a new Move feature that make it simple to re-organize your Profiles from individual users into Spaces.

By using Spaces you can tailor the user’s experience, ensuring they are only exposed to the content that is relevant to their work (and that they are entitled to see). This also allows multiple business units to work independently within the same ZEMA environment. Access to objects in Spaces is controlled by pre-defined permissions, and users can be granted Read, Write, or Administration access to all objects residing in the Space.

In addition, Space settings and access controls are maintained by Space managers (including Space Administrators or ZEMA Administrators), who can modify Space Permissions, ensuring data remains protected from unwanted access.

“With Spaces, we have established an enterprise class content organization framework in ZEMA that allows you to easily, and securely manage your Profile inventory, expand your ZEMA footprint to other business units, and improve your ZEMA user experience.” said Jason Lynd, Director of Product Management.

Clients can take advantage of 3 free Spaces included with the release. Please contact ZE Client Services for details on licensing additional Spaces.

The release of Spaces further builds on ZEMA’s vision to be the global leader in data driven solutions.

Learn more about the ZEMA Spaces by downloading the ZEMA Spaces Brochure or visit ZEMA Solutions webpage.

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