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ZE PowerGroup launches ZEMA5, the award winning Data Integration and Analytics Platform

ZE PowerGroup launches ZEMA5, the award winning Data Integration and Analytics Platform
November 5, 2020, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

Richmond, BC Canada – ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) is excited to announce the launch of ZEMA™5, the latest major version of ZE’s award winning data integration and analytics platform. This release builds on the strength and stability of ZEMA, but introduces significant application features, user experience enhancements as well as additional services, tools, hosting options, and documentation.

Traders, risk managers, data analysts, and other users of the ZEMA™ platform will notice a major leap forward in the user experience, analytical power and integration capabilities.

For over 20 years, ZE has been winning awards for Enterprise data management in the Energy and Commodity markets. ZEMA has always been the number one tool for automating the collection, transformation and integration of market data into downstream systems. Now with an enhanced user interface, a powerful new graphing engine, an improved Dashboard, Options Curves and support for custom BI pages, it’s easier than ever to bring the value of ZEMA to your entire organization.

Highlights of ZEMA5

Intraday Analysis

ZEMA can now aggregate real time market data, also known as intraday or tick data. ZEMA intraday support will allow a user to load Market Data Reports with intraday values and access those values through common aggregations in Market Analyzer logic. The aggregations available within a user specified intraday time range will be Max, Min, Last, Average and OHLC – a special aggregation resulting in a grouped result with Open, High, Low and Close series.

Powerful Graphing Engine

Version 5 introduces a powerful new charting engine with new chart types, annotations, statistical and technical analysis indicators, and a new graph editor that gives users full control and endless customization options.

ZEMA User Forum 2020

New look and feel

ZEMA now has a more modern user interface. A flat, minimalist design to create a more streamlined and efficient user interface that is quick to convey information while still looking visually appealing. Along with the new theme comes many user experience enhancements to reduce the number of clicks for common user interactions, and create a more user friendly application.


Market Analyzer now comes with a license to the ZEMA Dashboard component. Dashboard is a reporting and visualization tool that gives you access to Market Analyzer profiles, data reports, and favorites, as well as additional content such as images, web pages, and RSS feeds. Dashboard lets you view multiple profiles simultaneously and customize the display of each profile.

New EXCEL Web Add-In

The Data Direct Excel Add-in (DDX) is one of the most widely used components of the ZEMA suite. A new version of the Add-In, built on the modern Microsoft Javascript EXCEL API will have a friendlier and more intuitive user interface, will run across all modern Office platforms, and will have less integration and installation issues.

Options Curve Support

In addition to Futures and Time Series, Curve Manager is expanding its data model to support the persistence of Options data such as Option Premiums, Volatilities, and Straddles. Options is similar to Futures but with additional dimensions of Strike Price (or Delta) and Call/Put. Curve Manager will support Options through a separate display but all other ZEMA workflow capabilities for Curve creation, automation, and management will remain the intact.


Additional ZEMA5 Enhancements

  • ZEMA Hub
  • Dark Mode
  • Dashboard enhancements
  • Python API
  • Improved on screen help and release highlights
  • Revamped ZE Community Portal
  • Two European Data Centers
ZEMA 5 - ZEMA Flow

Much more to come

While ZEMA5 is a major step forward, there’s much more to come in the future. ZEMA development is very active, often steered by directly client feedback and through our Customer Advisory Board. The ZEMA5 roadmap currently includes:

  • Organization Spaces for more control of corporate IP
  • Machine Learning Integration
  • Profile Tags and Tooltips
  • Algorithmic Processor Schedule Optimization
  • GIS charting capabilites
  • Additional user experience and layout enhancements
  • Further Excel Web Add-In features for Curves and Profiles
  • Cross Sectional Data Support
  • Independent Price Verification (IPV) Curve Validation

For media inquiries please contact:

Michelle Mollineaux,
Director of Marketing and Channel Partnerships
Office: 604-244-1469, ext. 216
Direct: 778-296-4189
Fax: 604-244-1675
Email: michelle.mollineaux@ze.com