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ZE PowerGroup Partners with Spark Commodities to Bring Critical LNG Freight Pricing to a Wide Range of Energy and Financial Customers

ZE PowerGroup Partners with Spark Commodities to Bring Critical LNG Freight Pricing to a Wide Range of Energy and Financial Customers
June 17, 2021, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE), a firm known for providing world-class data management and analytics services, announces a partnership with Spark Commodities to provide customers with easy access to LNG freight pricing.

This partnership will enable customers to understand a critical part of the LNG value chain with the leading LNG freight provider.

ZE has earned a global reputation for helping firms scale their trading businesses with new data sources being released every week. ZE’s client empowerment objectives are well aligned with Spark Commodities’ commitment to building a better way to understand commodity pricing.

Access to Spark data within the ZEMA platform will add value for customers in the energy and LNG sectors. With a more in-depth understanding of LNG freight pricing, market participants will be able to better understand market trends and set themselves apart in competitive industries. Most importantly, they will enjoy increased flexibility and greater choice, and enhance their ability to manage freight risk.

“We are happy to be able to include Spark Commodities data on ZEMA. Our partnership will certainly enhance the value we bring to customers operating in Energy and, more specifically, LNG markets. We are dedicated to constantly improving market understanding with our expansive end-to-end data management platform,” expresses Aiman El-Ramly, the Chief Business Officer at ZE PowerGroup.

Tim Mendelssohn, the Managing Director at Spark Commodities, is also excited about this incredible opportunity. He believes that it will be a major step towards redefining how customers interpret and exploit LNG freight pricing data in the modern world. He says, “As the energy data landscape continues to evolve, ensuring our joint customers have seamless access to industry-leading data is critical. By partnering with ZE, we strive to give our customers a choice – a choice that we are pushing to provide in a number of critical commodity areas.”

ZE and Spark Commodities look forward to a productive partnership where their customer-led approach can add value to the market.

About Spark Commodities

Established in 2019 and backed by Kpler and EEX, Spark Commodities is focused on providing technology-based solutions that promote liquidity in the LNG market. Spark wants to redefine how LNG freight prices are understood. With a strong technical background, support from major industry players, and commercial experience trading in the LNG market, the company aims to provide a meaningful and robust index that allows the market to manage freight risk while benefiting from the increased levels of transparency that the platform provides.

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