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ZE PowerGroup Ranked No. 1 in Energy Risk’s Annual Software Rankings

ZE PowerGroup Ranked No. 1 in Energy Risk’s Annual Software Rankings
June 13, 2022, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

The new Energy Risk’s Annual Software Rankings revealed ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) as the leader in three categories for Data Management Firms.

  • Preferred Data Management System
  • Pricing and Curves
  • Integrating with other vendors and systems

4th Year in a Row ZE Receives Top Votes in Three Categories Amongst Top Data Management Firms

In recent years, ZE has become the most preferred vendor amongst traders, risk managers, and other market participants for their data and business needs, expanding significantly in terms of technology enhancements, brand reputation, and professional service offerings. With more clients adopting the award-winning ZEMA™ and the ZE Private Cloud, the company continues to hire more staff to provide better data delivery, data monitoring, curve monitoring, data quality reports, DB administration and optimization, and technical support services.

By partnering with global data providers, our clients have access to the ZEMA data ecosystem, connected to more than 1,400 data providers. ZEMA collects data across the spectrum of energy, commodities, and finance: power, natural gas, LNG, oil, coal, liquids, refined products, renewables, emissions, credits, agricultural commodities, softs, foods, steel, precious metals, exchange rates, stocks and derivatives, shipping and transportation. The team is constantly looking for new data sources to maintain its data ecosystem’s reputation as a one-stop-shop for clients. This enables ZE to produce unlimited forward curves and market analytics reports in a day, fully embedding critical client IP into an automated and persevering process.

The continually growing data ecosystem includes AccuWeather, Amerex, EEX, Argus Media, CME, Baltic Exchange, EOXLive, Fenics, ICAP, ICE Data, ICIS, IIR Energy, Kpler, Maxar, Vortexa, OPIS, OTC Global, General Index, OilX, SignalGroup, S&P Global Commodity Insights, as well a host of other globally located ISOs, exchanges, brokers, government reporting agencies, banks, and publishers.

To continually expand the ZEMA platform, the ZE’s Customer Advisory Board hosts quarterly meetings with 14 customer organizations via conference call and in-person, discussing the ZEMA product roadmap, technology trends, business needs, and room for improvements.

Aiman El-Ramly, the Chief Business Officer of ZE, stated: “The year-after-year recognition from Energy Risk’s Annual Software Rankings is a testament to the superior quality of our data management solutions and services for the energy, Fintech, and commodities industries. We are committed to continually expanding the data ecosystem and forming strong partnerships with data vendors and technology providers to ensure our clients have quick access to the most accurate and valuable trading and risk management solution.

He added, “Our team works with utmost dedication to help traders, analysts, and risk managers enhance their activities by automating their data collection, curve generation, and other business processes. Our platform’s efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness is unmatched – and we are working day in and night out to keep it up.

The Annual Software Rankings employ stringent policies and methods to ensure fair and accurate voting, pushing ZE PowerGroup even more to do bigger and better things. The company looks forward to another successful year of delivering winning data management and analytics solutions.

sful year of delivering winning data management and analytics solutions.

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