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ZE Ranked No. 9 On the Chartis Energy50 Ranking Report for Top Energy Fintech Technology Firms

ZE Ranked No. 9 On the Chartis Energy50 Ranking Report for Top Energy Fintech Technology Firms
January 20, 2021, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE Ranked No. 9 On the Chartis Energy50 Ranking Report for Top Energy Fintech Technology Firms ZE PowerGroup (ZE) has been ranked 9th on the Chartis Energy50 Rankings for top Energy Fintech firms across the globe. A technology powerhouse, ZE is a global leader in providing state-of-the-art end-to-end data management and data analytics solutions in energy, agriculture, mining, commodities, supply chain, and other data-driven organizations.

ZE Ranked No. 9 On the Chartis Energy50 Ranking Report for Top Energy Fintech Technology Firms ZE’s award-winning ZEMA data management platform and its extensive data ecosystem of data partners, allows the technology firm to provide clients with the widest selection of over 1,100 data sources. Be it internal, external, subscription-based, or publicly available data, ZEMA is able to aggregate numerous data sources to deliver critical data for complex analysis and reporting, enabling time-sensitive decision-making processes. ZE also collaborates with other industry leaders including S&P Global Platts, Argus Media, Barchart, AccuWeather, Kpler, Vortexa, Baltic Exchange, ICIS and Exchanges, to provide accurate and reliable data sources to its clients.

Being considered among the top 10 technology firms in the Chartis Energy50 Rankings allows ZE to further solidify its position in the technology and data management industry as a leading provider of authentic and varied data sources that allow organizations to realize their goals and objectives.

The Energy50 rankings are assigned as part of Chartis Research’s annual research cycle, during which it examines and analyzes the data provided by companies. Chartis Research also conducts extensive research and evaluation of a company’s products, customers, technology, corporate strategy, and organizational management.

Chartis Research is a sister company of EnergyRisk that ranks companies that have delivered high-impact products and services in the Energy, Commodities, Risk, and Fintech markets. Besides scoring technology firms on the Energy50 rankings, Chartis also assesses companies on relevant RiskTech and FinTech Quadrants. In addition, as part of Energy50, Chartis also gives awards to technology firms in a variety of other areas and has recognized ZE as the winner of the Cross-Market Data Management category.

Sid Dash, a Research Director at Chartis Research, commented on ZE’s ranking and said, “ZE’s provision of high-performance data management and analytics technologies in the energy and commodities sectors is reflected in its ranking and award win this year; it also happens to be the sole single-technology solution provider among the top 10 rankings.”

Dr. Zak El-Ramly, the President and Chief Executive Officer at ZE PowerGroup, also spoke about ZE’s rankings and said, “We are very excited for ZE and ZEMA to be featured on the Chartis Energy50 Rankings. It is an honor for ZE to be considered as one of the top 10 technology firms by Chartis Research. There is a growing demand for reliable and aggregated data among traders, risk managers, and business analysts today. We take the time to listen to our customers, understand their needs, and then invest in developing sophisticated data solutions to help overcome the complex challenges of operating energy or other data-driven organization. We are happy to be receiving recognition for our efforts.”

He also went on to add, “We strive to continue helping businesses innovate and streamline their operations with the help of our technology, data sources, and most valued partners.”

ZE has built itself upon offering data-driven solutions for the energy and commodities sectors. Given the success it has achieved so far, the Company is expanding its data offerings to facilitate other industries and sectors. Its platform, ZEMA has been designed to meet specific client requirements and is available as a managed or ZE cloud-based solution. Besides offering holistic data management and data analytics, ZE’s data experts also provide business consulting services to help organizations manage their data requirements more efficiently and derive maximum benefit from ZE’s data solutions.

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