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ZE Releases White Paper about Acquiring ZEMA vs. Building an Enterprise Data Management System

November 17, 2014, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) has published a white paper, entitled “Weighing the Options: Build an Internal EDM System or Get ZEMA,” which examines the ROI and risk-reward relation between building an enterprise data management (EDM) system in house or acquiring an off-the-shelf, third-party product. ZE is the developer of ZEMA, a best-in-class, full-featured EDM solution for energy and commodities markets.

ZE’s white paper analyzes the full spectrum of obstacles and costs associated with large-scale project implementations of mission-critical EDM solutions, which form the integration layer between multiple systems. The assessment criteria include opportunity costs and direct development, implementation, operational, and ongoing upgrade costs. The paper provides a comparative estimate of the total cost of ownership of an in-house developed solution and the cost of getting an EDM system off the shelf.

Olga Gorstenko, Director of Marketing and Communications at ZE, said, “ZE’s white paper evaluates options for EDM system implementation and explains the hidden inefficiencies and risks involved in building and maintaining systems internally. An exploration of the highly scalable, modular ZEMA is a necessary activity before making any substantial investment in EDM.”

To read the white paper, visit http://www.ze.com/media-library/case-studies/3/.

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