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ZE to Host Interactive Why ZEMA? Webinar

March 20, 2015, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE), the developer of the award-winning enterprise data management software ZEMA, will be hosting a complimentary webinar entitled Why ZEMA? at 8 a.m. (Pacific Time) on March 31, 2015. This interactive session will explain why effective data management is essential to successful business operations and how the ZEMA solution can directly meet these needs.

ZEMA enables companies of all sizes to make sense of and leverage the growing complexity of energy and commodities data. Attendees of the Why ZEMA? webinar will learn how they can benefit their trade, risk, and market operations by adding ZEMA to their critical business systems. Specifically, the webinar will highlight how ZEMA users can: deploy ZEMA’s massive, scalable data catalog from a single access point; build smart analytics and construct intelligent queries; streamline end-of-day processes by automating event-driven forward curves; and easily share the results of analyses with multiple downstream systems.

“We host these Why ZEMA? webinars as an easy way for professionals to gain exposure to the value of the multiple ZEMA offerings in our quest to simplify and improve the integrity of our clients’ business processes,” said Aiman El-Ramly, ZE’s Chief Strategy Officer, who will be hosting the webinar. “The value of implementing an end-to-end data management software solution is becoming increasingly apparent to more and more companies. ZEMA was designed to be fully integrated into a company’s data complex, transforming market data into market intelligence and seamlessly connecting the larger network of trade, risk, and business intelligence systems.”

Aiman will host the webinar along with ZE’s expert ZEMA user Ian Mathieson. A live question-and-answer period will conclude the hour-long session.

The Why ZEMA? webinar is free of charge and easy to access. Limits to registration may apply, so click here to register today. To recommend this webinar to a colleague, click here.

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