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ZE to Sponsor 2015 EMEA Allegro Customer Summit in Barcelona

ZE to Sponsor 2015 EMEA Allegro Customer Summit in Barcelona
June 10, 2015, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE), the developer of the award-winning ZEMA data management software, is pleased to announce that it will be sponsoring and exhibiting at the 2015 EMEA Allegro Customer Summit in Barcelona from June 15-17, 2015. As close partners, ZE and Allegro collaborate to provide multiple integration solutions to benefit mutual clients. By integrating with ZEMA, Allegro’s advanced multi-market commodity software provides clients with access to extensive market data resources.

Held at the W Hotel in Barcelona, the conference will feature an engaging agenda of presentations and break-out sessions that will explore crucial issues currently faced by energy market participants. The event will bring together industry experts from around the world to hear about emerging trends in energy, regulation, and technology.

Representing ZE at the conference will be Aiman El-Ramly, ZE’s Chief Strategy Officer, Ian Gordon, Director of Business Development for European Markets, Richard Leonard, Product Development Manager, and Ian Mathieson, Senior Business Analyst. The summit will provide an ideal opportunity for these members of the ZE team to meet with fellow industry experts, hear feedback from ZEMA clients, and offer one-on-one demonstrations on the benefits of the ZEMA software solution. With ZEMA’s unmatched data collection, analytics, curve automation, and integration capabilities, participants in the energy and commodities sector can gain deep insight into market trends and automate essential business processes.

“ZE is once again proud to be supporting its close partner at this customer-focused event,” said Aiman. “Allegro is known for hosting excellent conferences, and this summit will be a great way to discuss the issues that will be affecting our clients in the years ahead. This will also be a fantastic opportunity to network with industry participants and to catch up with ZEMA users from around the world.”

Attendees of the summit can connect with Aiman or other attending members of the ZE team to learn more about how ZEMA integration can help Allegro clients meet their analytical and reporting requirements. To arrange a one-on-one ZEMA demonstration while at the conference, contact ian.mathieson@ze.com. Alternatively, visit www.ze.com/book-a-demo to request your own personalized ZEMA demo.

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