The new paradigm

ZEMA as a Service

With centralized access to data in the cloud, our ZEMA as a Service solutions build on the concept that the data can be provided on-demand to end users and systems regardless of where you are or what you need to do with that data. Hosted on the ZE cloud, our ZEMA as a Service clients have unrivaled access to an immense library of market information to help feed your systems, your analysis, your dashboards, your spreadsheets, your models, when you want and the way you want when you want!

We do more

What do you get
with ZEMA as a Service

Multiple ways to access your data
Access to a massive library of market data
Real time data access
Fast data response
Real support

Data collection expertise

As data is collected from the market, we centralized it, validate it, and enrich it, providing that data to different systems, applications or users via various services and APIs. The ZaaS solution provides the following advantages.

We're agile

You can integrate and add new data feeds quickly and easily through simple data access

We're cost-effective

The ZaaS solution is hosted on the ZE cloud eliminating internal support resource costs or the need for dedicated infrastructure

We're focused on data quality

We constantly monitor data, delivering the cleanest dataset possible

We're scalable to your data needs

From pulling data from a single vendor to focused reports from hundreds of vendors, we are here to help you grow

We give you choice

How can you access data from our ZaaS?
Lots of ways.

RESTful Protocols
OData Requests
Tableau Web Data Connector
Tibco Spotfire Connector
More to come!

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