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ZEMA Dashboard – An Information Super Hub

March 20, 2008, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

March 20, 2008 – Vancouver, B.C. − ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) is proud to announce the official release of the newest member of the ZEMA software suite, ZEMA Dashboard. ZEMA Dashboard adds new possibilities and functionality to the already robust data management and analysis package. This multi-paneling application displays and constantly refreshes different forms of market data, analysis, images and news items all on a single screen.
Intended as a compliment to the ZEMA Suite, ZEMA Dashboard is also capable of running as a stand-alone product, providing clients with the ability to synonymously view preconfigured analysis, graphs, charts, RSS feeds, Excel sheets, database tables and views; and to display market data side by side with the client’s own proprietary data.
ZEMA Dashboard is superior to the more traditional dashboards, which tend to be inflexible in their set up and the information they can display. ZEMA Dashboard’s friendly design allows users to build their own interfaces through intuitive drag-and-drop placements and sizing, with access to all data available through ZEMA. Users also control the location, refresh rate, color and size of each window. The final display can be set up on individual computers or on overhead screens for wider audience viewing.
Waleed El-Ramly, COO of Product Development says to, “Consider ZEMA Dashboard as a visual and dynamic information hub for all the market information you need to see. You can quickly create market snapshots by building analyses and setting them next to graphs, charts, images, custom views.. almost anything you’d like. Just like the rest of our suite, you get to see your internal data and external data side by side in the ways most meaningful to you. ZEMA was purposely built to empower clients; and we believe that ZEMA Dashboard is an extension of that philosophy. The product allows our clients to make their own data highly visible and available without encumbering them. We are excited to see how it will be received.”

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