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ZEMA Embraces the OData Protocol With the New Web Services API

ZEMA Embraces the OData Protocol With the New Web Services API
May 25, 2017, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (“ZE”), the leading software development firm specializing in enterprise data management and analysis solutions, today announced the release of a new web service API leveraging the Open Data Protocol (OData) standard. OData protocol provides ZEMA users with an enhanced capability of integrating ZEMA data with a multiplicity of applications supported by OData.

“As the IT industry is moving fast towards making data available ‘as a service,’ ZE expands the suite by making ZEMA data available to our clients as fast as they need it, anywhere they need, and presented in any shape and form they require,” said Chief Product Officer, Nader El-Ramly.

ZEMA collects almost 9,000 data reports from nearly 800 data sources. Now, market data, as well as any client- specific private information can be made available in any OData-supported clients’ existing tools and applications, whether on cloud or premises, from MS Excel to custom-built solutions.

“Ever since the open standard was first introduced to the market, the use of OData has experienced exponential growth in the software industry. It’s a big step forward for connecting data and analysis via the web,” said Product Manager Baljeet Dhaliwal.

“Using traditionally built dedicated APIs results in better managed representation of data; however, it is work intensive. Adopting APIs that adhere to an open standard eases this load,” he added.

Users of ZEMA’s new OData Web Service can easily connect ZEMA data and analysis with other tools and applications that speak OData via simple configurations with no custom coding required.

“At ZE we strive to deliver innovative technologies and initiatives that drive better business solutions for our clients; OData being one of them,” said El-Ramly.

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