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ZEMA Exceeds Expectations of an Energy Trading Company for Data Collection and Analysis

February 1, 2011, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

Company Details

Industry: Integrated Oil & Gas, Power
Ownership: Public
Location of Operations: Europe
Size: Over 40,000 employees<


In the fall of 2009 this company issued an RFP with the desire to import market data of energy products traded in different markets in order to evaluate and optimize trading activities. This software was needed by the Corporate Risk Management department, in the trading entities of the business segment Refining and Marketing and in the business segment Gas & Power. This system needed to be able to collect current and provide access to historical prices of products traded by the company, but also other relevant data to perform analysis and allow for price and market modeling applying state-of-the-art methods and technology. Data within the system also needed to be distributed to various internal systems.


ZE was able to fully meet this company’s needs with the enterprise version of the ZEMA Suite of applications. The ZE Data Manager was installed and configured for the scheduling, importing, monitoring, centralization, structuring and standardization of market data. Moreover, its open architecture enabled the easy integration of up-to-the-minute market data with the company’s trade, credit, risk, settlement and analytical applications. ZE also provided Client Connect so that the company would be able to connect to any pre-existing database.

The ZE Market Analyzer and ZE DataDirect met the analytical needs of the company. With the combination of ZE Market Analyzer and DataDirect (Excel add-in functionality), the client had unlimited analysis options. The client was able to develop complex analysis and store them as profiles sharable within the corporation, or dynamically feed complex models residing within Excel. In addition to this, the company procured the ZEMA Forward Curve Management Solution, enabling it to automate the collection of its basis, correlation, volatility, spread, currency and interest rate curves and then be able to flag and validate those curves based on specific business rules. It also allowed them to aggregate and analyze their internally generated curves.

End Result

ZE was able to surpass the needs of this company by not only providing a solution for its market data needs, but also by providing a means of generating tangible value through business process automation. The data was more accurate and provided intelligence in real time which the company was able to easily share within the organization.

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