ZEMA Integrates with Commodity XL(TM) for Klesch & Company

March 6, 2013, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) has successfully integrated its ZEMA enterprise data management suite for Klesch & Company (Klesch) with Triple Point Technology’s real-time multi-commodity trading and risk management solution, Commodity XL™.

Klesch’s investment enables large volumes of forward curves generated in ZEMA by Klesch to be automatically processed and pushed onto the Commodity XL™ platform.

ZEMA provides centralized market data access, data validation, advanced curve construction and instant integration with their ERP and ETRM systems. Klesch’s curve coverage includes spot and forward FX, interest rates, energy and commodities. Once curves are sent to Commodity XL™, they are then processed for the purposes of risk management, scheduling, logistics and settlement, and accounting.

Using ZEMA and Commodity XL™, Klesch has now a complete and fully automated system that provides control and transparency around their data processes, as well as a robust and integrated solution to support their trading and risk operations.

Richard Leonard, Product Development Manager at ZE, said: “Commodity XL™ is a natural integration point for ZEMA. While we supply the real-time market data and forward curve generation processes, Triple Point Technology provides the risk management platform for Klesch. Throughout this project we found the Klesch team to be very focused, making it easy to meet all of their business requirements. ZE looks forward to working with Klesch into the future, finding new ways to meet their data management requirements.”

Paul Dorrell, Director at Klesch, said: “The use of ZEMA has streamlined the daily risk management processes carried out within Commodity XL™ extremely effectively. The ability to automate the repetitive and error prone tasks around curve construction and upload has helped us reduce significantly our operational risk.”

About Klesch & Company

Klesch is a global industrial commodities group, with three divisions specializing in the production and trading of chemicals, metals and oil, combined with a strong investment strategy across the industrials sector and related services.

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