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On-Premises Protection

On-premises protection for sensitive data behind your own firewall

Customize to meet your data needs

Have the option of increased customization and control of ZEMA

Complete Control

Secure and easy integration with 3rd party applications and home grown systems

Not Ready for Cloud?

You can deploy on premises now with the knowledge that you can easily migrate to the cloud whenever you’re ready.


Scale and Support

Whether you're a startup with 5 users or an enterprise firm with 10,000 seats, ZEMA can scale to meet your needs; as a flexible platform ZEMA, isn't constrained to one specific model or deployment methodology.

Get the expert support

Our 24/7/365 support services are backed by a dedicated team of support professionals who are ready to address your needs and questions.


We offer implementation and consulting services, as well as product tutorials for new and existing customers. ZE provides a wide-variety of learning resources through our training services and through our online ZE Community.


Take your data – anywhere, anytime

A powerful technology platform that lets clients extend the power of ZEMA by providing a wide range of push and pull options that support easy and flexible connections.

System Integration

We offer the flexibility for you to Integrate with any Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, ERP, and Trade & Risk Systems while providing the bi-directional connectivity (to and from ZEMA) to your internal systems and databases.

Multiple Points of Access

Accessing and aggregating data from multiple sources securely is a challenge, with ZEMA you can seamlessly combine multiple data sources such as Messaging, Web Services, OData and schedule tasks into a single endpoint.

Highly Flexible

As a Data-driven organization, you must have flexible and fluid access to data and applications. With the push and pull integration capabilities you can request data queries or access ZEMA business layer. ZEMA also allows REST and SOAP-based services for language agnostic communication and application-specific integration.

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