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ZEMA Sets a Record in Client Acquisition in December

January 18, 2010, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

January 18, 2010 – Richmond, B.C. − ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) is pleased to announce that December was a record setting month for client acquisition. ZE successfully completed its 2009 year end by concluding licensing agreements of its award winning ZEMA™ Suite with seven major clients including: three of the world’s top oil and gas companies, one of the largest utilities in Canada, an international energy delivery company, a major gas distribution utility and a large power generator. Additionally, ZE reached definitive agreements with one of the world leaders in industrial gases. By adding these clients to its existing client base, ZE continues to establish its foothold in all corners of the global energy industry.
Dr. Zak El-Ramly, President and CEO, commented, “Our rapid growth is quite significant because it validates our vision and hard work over the years. The market is really beginning to understand the depth and empowerment ZEMA truly offers.” He added: “We are expecting a surge in the number of clients we serve as the industry continues to recognize the unique attributes of ZEMA.”
ZEMA as a software platform is designed to allow corporations to manage and gain control of its internal and external market and operational data; and to integrate this data with their existing processes and systems. The Suite performs a range of simple to complex analyses, automates business processes and integrates with any number of clients systems using its open architecture framework.
Waleed El-Ramly, COO of Product Development, elaborated on the distinguishing features of ZEMA, “ZEMA’s strength is in its flexibility and overall technical architecture. ZEMA removes the laborious, routine and error prone processes that clients shouldn’t have to undertake; allowing them to focus on core business functions. Another distinguishing feature of ZEMA is that it is data agnostic; it handles all sources of market and operational data for the client. As the use of ZEMA matures in an organization, its value continues to grow. Every client uses the same core products but in their own unique way and for a different purpose, including: data warehousing, market discovery, dashboarding, price settlements, automating end of day trade and risk processes and creating forward curves. ZEMA is adaptable to the client’s way of doing things and I think that’s where the value really lies.”

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