The Singapore office provides an international ZE presence that supports ZE’s growing client base in Asia and the Middle East. The Singapore office supports local clients as well as key global oil and commodity market participants who have business interests in Asia and Africa. Along with ZE’s North American and European offices, ZEMA Singapore meets clients’ needs around the clock, every day.

ZEMA Singapore provides consulting and implementation services for ZEMA. ZEMA is a best-in-class data management solution designed for:

  • Data
  • Analytics
  • Automation and Curve Management
  • Systems Integration

ZEMA collects and handles data from hundreds of sources around the world, and is recognized for its quality, ease of use, and comprehensive market offerings. ZE is internationally known for its high-ranking software and exceptional services, ZE has become a dominant global player in the data management and technology space.

ZE recognizes Singapore as an important gateway to the Asia-Pacific region. As markets grow in complexity, market participants’ need to manage data efficiently increases. ZEMA Singapore looks forward to continuing to serve participants in the thriving Asian market by helping them harness available data and seize the many opportunities available to them.



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