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Running a profitable farming and agriculture business depends on having timely, accurate, powerful information so you can make the right decisions. As an agriculture business leader you know there are a huge variety of external factors that impact your business success — crops and livestock commodities markets, global and regional supply and demand, local weather patterns, changing consumer tastes, expansion into other regions, import and export tariffs, and more.

Whether you’re running a medium-sized holding, a national enterprise, or a global agricultural conglomerate, you need to extract actionable intelligence from an incredibly challenging environment. You need to quickly see food trends, visualize future supply and demand, integrate your data with other systems, and use agricultural trading strategies to maximize your profits and forward contracts.

That’s where ZE comes in.

Data automation

What ZE's end-to-end data automation platform can do for you

Although agricultural methods are cyclical and seasonal, your data insight and analysis needs are immediate. Your business intelligence tools must deliver quality, timeliness, and accuracy about your supply chain, food market trends, commodities pricing, compliance awareness, profit margins, weather patterns, changing consumer tastes, geopolitical news, the overall stock market, and more. Your tools must:

Gather together

clean agricultural data from internal and external sources including your business capacity and stock levels, seasonal variation, commodities prices, food manufacturer demand, medium- and long-term weather patterns, environmental factors, and much more.

Break down

data silos to allow for easy cross-functional comparison and insight across individual farms, areas, regions, and countries throughout the supply chain and throughout the crop, livestock, and farm machinery marketplaces


Across all agricultural commodities markets including livestock, wheat, soybeans, corn, canola, and more


Data for the agricultural marketplace to stay on top of trends, discover opportunities, manage risks, and give you a competitive advantage


Agricultural data collection and optimize it into actionable business intelligence


With your other tools to make individual and consolidated farm management more efficient and profitable

The ZE Solution

ZE is the reliable solution that fulfills an organization’s varied data intensive business needs.

Maximize the Value of Your Data
Generates Actionable Insights Clearer & Faster
Offers Unlimited Data Possibilities
Automation to Increase Productivity
Integrates Seamlessly with any System
Flexible Deployment and Support Option
What ZE can do for you

Transform your agriculture data and analytics with the Power of ZEMA

Stay informed

Gather, consolidate, and analyze high-quality, accurate, and valid agricultural data from multiple sources including internal business data, external marketplace data, and related areas like weather, supply and demand, vegetation health index, soil conditions, consumer analysis, and more.

Get ahead

Get live, real-time data, information, analysis, and feedback through ZE's “dynamic date” feature to speed up decision making.

Optimize agricultural commodity trading

Use deep data analysis, complex computational models, end-of-day methods, and multiple authoritative inputs to develop powerful, adaptable, profit-driven agricultural commodity trading strategies across crops and livestock.

Automate to stay ahead

Get insight into all your automation, integrations, and downstream software for true cross-business improvement.

Forecast the future

Use built in aggregation and regression functions together with powerful curve analysis and predictions to forecast and plan for likely agricultural marketplace changes.

Agility to adapt to agricultural commodity marketplace changes

Reduce time spent preparing data for analysis by using built-in business logic to automatically adjust data for weekends, holidays, time zones, peak/off-peak hours, and other industry-specific logic.


Greater Insight. Deeper Analysis. Better Decisions.

The ZE end-to-end data automation platform is perfectly designed and engineered to give you access to the agriculture, livestock and market data intelligence you need, when you want it, in a way that lets you make powerful business decisions.

Data Collection

Market analyzer

Market analyzer provides complete data analysis using built-in or bespoke formulae

Cross-source comparisons

Cross-source comparisons; spot, forecast, and futures analysis

Customizable graphs

Generate highly customizable graphs and charts

Customized dashboards

Visualize, combine, and compare data with easy-to-use, customized dashboards

Data Automation and Curve Management

Data analysis

Curves and complex data analysis for accurate agricultural trend projections and forecasts are paired with complete integration with BI and ERP systems and full access to your data library in Excel.

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Data Integration and Analytics

Built to integrate

Built to integrate with software, databases, infrastructure, and middleware, across your enterprise with access and query data through database, web services, scheduled jobs, messaging and push-based mechanisms, ZE provides total integration with many applications and functions including mathematical modelling, BI tools, ERP, SAP, Trade and Risk, real time data applications, settlements, accounting, and customer facing areas.

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Why We’re the Only Automated Data Collection, Management, and Analysis Platform You Need

We are highly-experienced in data collection for the agricultural sector and marketplace and have access to largest range of information — marketplace, environmental factors, global, regional, and local, internal, external data, and we normalize data structures from different areas to make them compatible and useful for comparison and calculation

Our analytical functionality and formulas are designed for the agricultural sector. We easily integrate with Excel, SQL, or other data analysis programs with templates and automation that allow you to reuse the same analytical logic multiple times across different datasets. Scheduling allows for calculations, analysis, and outputs on a day-to-day basis without manual labour, and results are automatically pushed to downstream systems, processes, and tools.

We provide a complete audit trail of data, analytics, and results with elaborate security mechanisms to protect your data, methodologies, and results.

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