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Business Intelligence Analysts must assess data flowing into the company and extract actionable information about how the business is performing. It’s impossible for you to perform your duties if you do not have access to accurate data. We link closely to common business intelligence tools like Tableau, Tibco Spotfire, and PowerBI providing analysts like you with a ready stream of reliable data directly to their favorite software.

Clean data

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Turn your data into opportunities

Understand what is happening with your business, visualize results and turn your results into decisions for everyone

Get insights you can’t get anywhere else

Identify business trends to assist in making data-driven decisions with over 900 data publishers and thousands of reports

Better and faster decision making

Get more accurate and faster data for reporting, analysis and planning for better business decisions and competitive advantage

Consolidate your data

Eliminate the data silos and consolidate your data from multiple sources and create an analytic experience that is both fast and agile for users

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ZEMA is an innovative and robust solution that is pleasing, simple and frictionless to use. Built as an elegant platform to solve massive data management and analytics problems, ZE delivers the value you're looking for when investing in your data future.

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You get the data you need to produce high-impact business insights

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We reduce the uncertainty surrounding data quality, leading to more confident decision making

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