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The global commodity marketplace demands fast, insightful decisions. As a commodities trading business, you need the most accurate, consistent, timely, well-documented and structured data to quickly make the right decisions.

Dealing with commodity data can be complex and time-consuming. You need to extract actionable intelligence from an incredibly challenging environment.

Quickly see trends, visualize future supply and demand, integrate your data with other systems, use complex strategies like arbitrage, derivative pricing, swaps, prioritization, and more with best-in-class data management, and computational analytics.

That’s where ZE comes in as global commodity data, analytics, and integration solution.

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We offer an end-to-end data automation platform that is the superior way to manage your data and transform market data into market intelligence.

ZEMA as a Service
The Advantage

What ZE's end-to-end data automation platform can do for you

As an organization, you have a multitude of tools that support trading, analytics, modelling, finance and settlements. All of these systems are hungry for clean and timely data.

ZE helps you.

One Stop

Gather and centralize commodities data from multiple sources.

Break Down Barriers

Break down data silos to allow for easy insights throughout the supply chain and across multiple countries, regions, marketplaces, business areas, and entities.

Get Ahead

Analyze data for commodities trading to reduce your financial and business risk and give you a competitive advantage.

Look Forward

Automate the creation of forward curves and forecasts for a hands off and fully auditable business process.

Work Together

Integrate with third party tools such as Trade and Risk Systems, BI platforms, Financial Systems and your Modelling Tools in a way that is easy to support and easy to understand.

Do More

Optimize Your Commodities Buying and Selling with the Power of ZEMA

At ZE, we offer you a reliable solution that fulfills your organization’s varied data-intensive business needs.

Maximize the Value of Your Data
Generates Actionable Insights Clearer & Faster
Offers Unlimited Data Possibilities
Automation to Increase Productivity
Integrates Seamlessly with any System
Flexible Deployment and Support Options
Business Intelligence to

Help Your Commodity Trading Business Thrive

Here’s what ZE can do for your commodity business.

Stay informed

Gather, consolidate, and analyze high-quality commodities data from multiple sources

Get ahead

Get real-time data, information, analysis, and feedback through ZE to speed up trades and decision making

Optimize commodity trading

Use deep data analysis, complex computational models, end-of-day methods, and multiple authoritative inputs to develop commodity trading strategies.

Automate to stay ahead

Get insight into all your automation, integrations, ETRM, and downstream software for true cross-business improvement

Predict the future

Use built in aggregation and regression functions together with powerful curve analysis to forecast and plan for likely commodity marketplace changes

Agility to adapt

To commodity marketplace changes — reduce time spent preparing data for analysis by using ZE's built-in business logic to automatically adjust data for weekends, holidays, time zones, peak/off-peak hours, and other industry-specific logic.

Partnerships Matter

ZE plays an important role

ZE's end-to-end automated data platform is perfectly designed and engineered to give your organization access to the data intelligence you need, when you want it, in a way that lets you make powerful commodity trading decisions.

Data Collection

The Right Data

Timely, relevant, powerful commodity marketplace data collection from diverse sources into a centralized, structured and secure location


Data quality assurance and data testing ensures that you're working with valid, accurate content

Analysis and Visualization

See Trends

Cross-source comparisons; spot, forecast, and futures analysis

Organize Your Way

Generate highly customizable graphs and charts


Visualize, combine, and compare data with easy-to-use, customized dashboards

Connect with Excel

Full access to your data library in Excel

Automation and Curve Management

Accurate Projections

Curves and complex data analysis for accurate commodity projections and forecasts

Better Validation

Robust validation and approval routines and workflows


Complete integration with trade and risk, BI, Modelling, Financial and ERP systems

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