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Challenges: In the shipping and trade industry, ZEMA aims at providing solutions to a wide range of potential challenges that are posed to the business players. Some of the core business problems that ZEMA aims at resolving are:

  • Fragmented and opaque market intelligence requiring an inordinate amount of time to validate and corroborate with authoritative supply and demand data, leading to potential sub-optimal business decisions.
  • Reliance on spreadsheets for analysis and assessment of market data increasing the risk of data entry error and poor governance.
  • Lack of proper automation workflows and well-defined business logic exposing the business to human errors, inaccurate market assessment, unreliable data and transparency loss.
  • Incomplete and untimely market intelligence sources resulting in opportunity loss and reduced
  • Historical Maritime and Shipping data
  • Siloed data that potentially cause poor business decisions, unjustifiable risk and poor governance.
  • and more
About ZEMA

Market Data Management and Data Automation for the Shipping and Maritime Industries

ZEMA™, by ZE in the shipping and trade industry, is an award-winning data integration and analytics platform for data-driven organizations. ZEMA allows companies to foresee and understand business-centric data effectively. With its revolutionary capabilities for the collection and validation of data, its analysis, process automation, and effective integration of downstream systems, ZEMA is committed to helping organizations simplify the otherwise complicated, fragile business practices. The implementation of ZEMA and integration with Shipping and Marime data partners, also helps in reducing the overall risks, enhancing corporate efficiency, and increasing the overall bottom line.

How ZEMA can help

Some of the essential benefits earned out of solutions offered by ZEMA include:

Servicing some of the world’s largest commodity merchants and financial institutions, ZEMA is now extending its comprehensive data and analytics capabilities to the global logistics sectors at a time when supply chains are under unprecedented pressure. The ZEMA Enterprise solution provides the essential scalability, versatility, hosting options, and open architecture needed to support logistics operations. Creating unparalleled visibility of critical market risks and opportunities by fusing data-feeds from multiple authoritative sources, ZEMA enables maritime users to enhance their pre-fixture market analysis.

Corroboration and validation of multi-sourced market intelligence.
Extension of the data sources in the pre-fixture analysis process, including macro-economics, weather, position, congestion, physical and futures market data, and more.
Improved scalability, transparency, effectiveness, and auditability of the internal validation and analysis processes.
Automation of the process of data collection as well as validation from its source to the centralized data repository – decreasing the overall time and resources needed for ensuring manual data entry and validation.
No interruption of the regular business processes with the help of expert ZE user training for the global users of ZEMA.
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Find more information to help you understand more about shipping and maritime industries and how ZEMA can help you to alleviate the risk of the challenges and improve business efficiencies.

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Data Management for Shipping and Maritime Industries

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