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Maximizing operational efficiency, taking sound investment decisions and keeping effective cost control are critical elements in managing the cyclical nature of the value chain in the mining and metals industry. Having the right data, of the right quality, at the right time and in the right place is a vital component in these processes.

Being able to rely on data and analysis and automate the process of exposing that in BI, ERP and risk tools is a critical component to success. It allows data to become the actionable information to support, drive and benchmark business activity across the organization, while maintaining consistent results and quality.

Extracting more value from data than it costs unlocks a multiplier that creates a virtuous circle of a deepening data pool and wider analytic capability.

Helping You Gain a Competitive Edge with Smart Data Usage and Analytics

Are You Facing Any of These Challenges?

A common challenge companies in the mining and metals industry face, is access by all stakeholders, in their preferred tools, to a central repository of high quality, normalized data. This slows analysis, wastes time and money on data cleansing and preparation and leads to inconsistent inputs to planning and decision making.

Broad challenges that are seen to be widespread across the industry are:

Financial Challenge:

Smoothing out finance and investment to capitalize on the company’s strategy while mitigating risk and planning for capital expansion. Exposing pricing signals across commodities and markets. Having action complete information to support investment decision-making.

Analytical Challenge

Using data and analytics to measure and understand price and investment cycles, assess opportunities, create forward-looking scenarios, and test price-profit relationships using multiple operating models.

Environmental Challenge

Assessing decarbonization strategies to budget and control cost of emissions and managing ETS impact on business costs.

Other Challenges
  • Poor quality data collection, including noisy, dirty, inaccurate, and misplaced values
  • Inefficient and insufficient representation in data sources and sampling
  • Redundant data integration from unmarked sources
  • Difficulty accessing different types of data or adding novel data
  • Unavailability of certain data types or poor and unusable representation of data types
  • Excessive time and effort spent organizing, analyzing and publishing data

Unleash the Power of Your Data with ZEMA™

ZEMA™ is an award-winning data integration and analytics platform that allows businesses in the mining and metals industry to understand, exploit, and foresee business-centric data. It simplifies complex and critical business practices to push companies on the fast track to achieving operational efficiency.
With ZEMA, get ready to build a robust and flexible data management system that allows your team to leverage advanced analytics for optimal risk mitigation. By making accurate price movement predictions and trading decisions, you can scale your business in no time.

Our Data Partners

ZE boasts a massive network of data partners with the widest data catalog for the mining and metals industry. Like us, our partners are also committed to helping you with the day-to-day management of critical data-centric processes.
Thanks to ZE’s data vendor network and data ecosystem, ZEMA provides mining and metals companies with the latest market prices, trends, and future outlooks to ensure they make well-informed, impactful decisions at every organizational level.

Your Success with ZEMA™

After deployment of the ZEMA platform, companies in the mining industry can expect to:

Resolve trading operations and risk management issues.
Gather, analyze, and leverage market data across asset classes.
Resolve resource allocation problem.
Capture direct, real-time data from respective sources.
Embrace centralized storage of data and tool extraction for supporting global offices through web-based interfaces.
Create unlimited forward curves.
Experience simplified integration with internal systems.
Get a comprehensive view of activities and trends in the global mining and metals industry, such as commodity market forecasts, credit risk assessments, and climate risk evaluation.

What Does ZEMA’s Mining and Metals Data Ecosystem Include?

Metal prices
Curve settlements
Iron ore curve
Historical metal prices
Metal marker prices
Metals and minerals prices
Steel swaps
Steel data and feed stocks
Precious metal fixings
Exchange open interest
Ferroalloy data
Freight data
US steel price
Weather data

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