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We understand that Gas Station Convenience Stores have many challenges in fuel purchasing. You need to purchase many types of gas, diesel and oil products for hundreds of terminal locations while ensuring pricing is accurately compared across multiple gas suppliers. These products are then shipped to your retail locations and sold to consumers.

Other challenges include linking multiple products to create differing price series such as Gasoline that is sold as two different products in Summer vs. Winter. You need to also have proof of fuel price when purchased while reducing pricing/cost mistakes due to shear number of disparate and disconnected data sources.

Quickly see how you can unify & normalize your master data so that your reporting could be more meaningful and your complex analysis is consistent.

The ZE Advantage

Fuel the next generation of growth.

We automate business processes to make actionable insights from the marketplace as a whole, with a focus on fuel pricing, energy usage, freight costs, financial projections, business process data, supply chain information, future trends, competitive analysis, and more. With seamless upstream integration, Gas Stations are able to collect data from hundreds of data sources such as S&P Global Platts, NYMEX, Argus, OPIS, DTN, weather forecasts, Rack Prices, Index Prices, and more.

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Unrivaled Data Catalog

Maximize the Value of Your Data
Reliably pull in pricing data from all applicable entry points daily
Generate Actionable Insights Clearer & Faster
Offer Unlimited Data
Automation to Increase Productivity
Seamlessly Import Calculated Index Prices from CTRM
Integrates with any System
Flexible Deployment and Support
How we can help

Here’s what ZE can do for your Gas Station and Convenience Retail business

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Stay competitive

Analyze and act on what your competitors are doing and how they are reacting to the energy market.

Enhance development

Understand and accelerate every part of the product development process and get to market, fast.

Optimize business processes

Eliminate wasted time, effort, and money throughout your energy business to reduce costs and maximize profits.

Largest Data Catalog Globally

With the largest off-the-shelf catalog of data feeds on the market, end users can quickly find the data they need.

Predict the future

Use powerful curve analysis and AI predictions to forecast and plan for likely energy marketplace trends.

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