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Insurance and reinsurance are some of the most data-intensive marketplaces in the world. Data quality and integrity is fundamental to allowing your insurance business to make the right business decisions in an incredibly challenging environment.

The combination of effective risk analysis, tight margins, premium pressures, exposure, compliance, and regulation means your insurance business relies on deep and accurate insight to drive its strategy and day-to-day operations. Statistical models and predictive analytics have a vital role to play — you must plan for, accommodate, and react to environmental pressures, global marketplaces, competitor initiatives, and changing consumer needs.

In short, you need access to best-in-class data management that gives you the right level of business intelligence and insight to help your insurance or reinsurance business thrive.

The Advantage

We offer an end-to-end data automation platform that is the superior way to manage your data and transform market data into market intelligence.

Your data analysis and business intelligence tools rely on the quality, timeliness, and accuracy of the insurance and reinsurance data you need. Your tools must bring together information from the marketplace as a whole, premium pricing, claims payments, leakage, financial projections, business process data, future trends, competitive analysis, and more.

Your tools must:

Centralize, validate and normalize all your data sources into a single, open-platform data repository.
Enhance your financial modeling and analysis tools with seamless integration into your data universe.
Automate data collection and optimize the data into actionable business intelligence.
Integrate with your other tools and present your BI in a way that inspires action.
Here’s what ZE can do for your insurance business.

Solving Reinsurance Business Problems

Stay competitive

Improve productivity and quality with better data integrity and insight. create new product lines, policies, and marketing to stay competitive in a global insurance marketplace.

Optimize business processes

Reduce cost leakage, eliminate wasted time, effort, and money throughout your organization to maximize margins and improve ratios.

Automate to stay ahead

Get insight into all your automation and integrations for true cross-business improvement.

Agility to adapt

To market changes — use new and varied data inputs for more accurate risk analysis, pricing, underwriting, and claim prediction.

Keep up-to-date

Stay on top of the huge range of data that’s available, estimated to be doubling in size every two years.

Solutions Oriented

ZEMA is designed to deal with the problems your insurance business faces every day.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Uses best-in-class predictive systems, data monitoring, and trend analysis to identify and manage risk, loss ratios, costs, and opportunities.

Mitigate Risk

Carries out catastrophe modelling, quantifies metrics for data-driven decisions, develops sophisticated risk-profiling techniques and cultivates a deep understanding of market risks and opportunities.

Complete Flexibility

Gives the ability to completely customize data report structures to fit within internal governance and modelling requirements.

Set Alerts and Tolerances

Performs anomaly and outlier detection, qualifies and approximates emerging risks, measures claims metrics, executes fraud analytics, improves econometrics and implements signal processing.

Streamline Business Processes

Resolves issues with ad-hoc, siloed, diverse, and manual data and processes.

Reporting and Administration made easy

Simplifies governance, compliance, and regulation in the insurance industry by providing complete data auditing of processes, flows, and information.


Reduces risks due to human errors with security, IT, marketing, or operations.

Plug and play

Provides complete integration with downstream systems.

Perfectly Designed and Engineered

Every Data Analytics Tool You Need to Maximize Success

The ZE suite of products is perfectly designed and engineered to give your insurance business access to the intelligence you need, when you want it, in a way that lets you make powerful business decisions.

Data Collection

You need timely, relevant, powerful insurance market data collection from diverse sources into a central, structured and secure location with complete data cleansing, quality assurance, and data testing. With ZE, you can.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Complete data analysis using built-in or bespoke formulae. Cross-source comparisons; spot, forecast, and futures analysis, our ability to generate highly customizable graphs and charts so you can visualize, combine, and compare data with easy-to-use, customized dashboards, make ZE an obvious choice.

Data Automation and Curve Management

We deliver curves and complex data analysis for accurate trend projections and forecasts along with complete integration with ETRM, BI, and ERP systems and full access to your data library in Excel.

Why We’re the Only Data Collection, Management, and Analysis Platform You Need

We are highly-experienced in data collection for the insurance and reinsurance sector and have access to a huge range of insurance, risk, and underwriting data, normalizing data structures from different areas to make them compatible and useful for comparison and calculation.

Our analytical functionality and formulas are designed for the insurance and reinsurance sector, with templates and automation lets you reuse the same analytical logic multiple times across different datasets and scheduling to allow for calculations, analysis, and outputs on day-to-day basis without manual labor.

Results are automatically pushed to downstream systems, processes, and tools and we provide a complete audit trail of data, analytics, with elaborate security mechanisms to protect your data, methodologies, and results.

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