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As part of IT, you’re used to fulfilling data requests within your organization. It can be very frustrating to continually receive urgent requests to answer data needs; these requests can sometimes take hours to fulfill and may result in data that has errors due to a rushed situation. Our tools empower business users to access data from their own terminal and stage it in the way that suits them best, saving you time and energy while delivering a more streamlined workflow. With ZE, the organization has one centralized location to retrieve the data a user needs, without adding to the work that you do every day.

Ultimately Configurable

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Data Integrity

Highly transparent and secure data processes provide additional assurances that your data protection, privacy, confidentiality, and reporting controls are in place

Get It Faster

Data timeliness, accuracy, and integrity helps to deliver a quick turnaround, for users who need data ASAP

Simple Management

Architecture and application provides you with simple ways of managing the system, such as creating and configuring new users, adding new data sources, troubleshooting data issues

Scalability Simplicity

Easy to support both the system maintenance as well as growing user requests

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Our Value is easy to see

ZEMA is an innovative and robust solution that is pleasing, simple and frictionless to use. Built as an elegant platform to solve massive data management, integration, and analytics problems, ZE delivers the value you're looking for when investing in your data future.

Why re-invent the wheel?

We save your organization time and money over developing your own system and data parsers, and most of all, from having to maintain those data parsers


With ZE data becomes a self-serve convenience giving you ultimate control

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