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Open Data Protocol (OData) is an open protocol that allows for the creation and consumption of queryable and interoperable RESTful APIs in a simple and standard way. Microsoft initiated OData in 2007. Soon after that, OData became a standardized protocol of the OASIS OData Technical Committee consisting of CA Technologies, Citrix Systems, IBM, Microsoft, Progress Software, Red Hat, SAP SE, and SDL.

OData producer

ZEMA acts as an OData producer

By making its data sheets, profiles, reports, and curves available to any OData consumer. There is a multitude of OData consumers, from data connectors to BI tools. The list of OData consumers is dynamic and has new members added to it on a continuous basis.

ZEMA as a Service

How can the ZEMA ODATA API help you?

ZEMA users can retrieve ZEMA data in any OData consuming application that is OData entities compatible.

Magnitude of ZEMA data for further exploration.

ZEMA currently collects almost 10,900 data reports from nearly 800 data sources.

Multitude of applications to consume ZEMA data.

Any application that supports OData can consume ZEMA data.

Minimum technical skills.

Sending ZEMA data via OData API can be a much simpler task when compared to other options.

Money Saver. Time Saver.

Licensing an OData API for ZEMA is a more prudent and efficient approach for dispatching ZEMA data when no specific connectors are available.

Customization of Connectors

OData APIs. OData APIs, being generic in nature, do not allow for customization specific to consuming applications.

Consistency in Data Presentation

Each entity has to be formatted individually with parameters set discretely. Such dependence on manual efforts potentially increases the chance of inconsistent formatting, especially in cases of complex data storyboards.

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